1000 Girls In Ahafo Region Trained As Part Of The Girls In ICT Programme

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation has initiated training for 1000 young ladies chosen from different areas in the Ahafo Region in fundamentals of ICT and Coding, having previously finished a cohort in Bono East and Bono region.

Two thousand additional young ladies from Savannah and Northern Region will also profit from the program before the year is over. This is a part of plans to urge little ones to take up professions in the ICT Industry as well as equalize gender division in the sector.

“In each Region, our objective is to train1000 young girls and 100 ICT/STEM teachers in basic computing, coding, scratch HTML, etc., and at the end of the year, we would have trained 5000 girls and 500 ICT/ STEM teachers. These girls are selected from schools in all districts in the beneficiary regions so every district will feel the impact of these digital maidens. What a difference this will make!! There is no doubt that digitalization is the game changer and with our additional function of “Digitalisation”, we are determined to grow our digital economy ”, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.

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The teaching of coding will offer the women the chance to dive into the universe of innovation, through the formation of websites, PC games, intelligent expressions, mobile applications, and animations, utilizing different programming languages.

As a part of plans to both guarantee that Ghana accomplishes the Sustainable Development Goal, (SDG) 5, and Ghana’s ICT4 AD Policy on unifying digital gender division, the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, through its organizations – GIFEC, NCA, and the Kofi Annan ICT Center of Excellence, has extended the extent of the GIICT occasion.

After their training, which also acquaints them with scratch and essential designs of programming, the young ladies take part in a contest.


This contest is supposed to test the knowledge and ICT skills procured during the training time frame. The young ladies will contend in web composition, development of games, coding, and basic ICT applications, among others.

Prizes like PCs, modems, and so forth, are given to the young ladies who succeed in the contest, and ICT labs are also built in the schools of the young ladies who succeeded.

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Statistically, more than 60% of the young ladies trained, have no previous knowledge or involvement with the utilization of PCs.

The Girls in ICT program was presented in 2012 by the International Telecommunications Union to engage and support young ladies and young adults to procure advanced skills and think about further studies and professions in the developing field of information and communication technologies.

Ghana has taken on this drive and examined it at a regional level. It has previously been commended in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern, Volta, Western, Western North, North East, Central, and Oti Regions.

The program includes the Training of Trainers who on the other hand also train the young ladies. It additionally incorporates the training of 1,000 young ladies from locales in the chosen areas and mentorship meetings that give a platform to ladies working in the ICT field to share individual biographies and expert encounters with the youngsters. The young ladies are given an “Open Day” experience, where the best 100 young ladies are brought to Accra for seven days to visit Mobile Network Operators (Mno)’s, ICT firms and associate with ladies in the work area to see the practical aspect of what they learned in a live workplace. This is to support and guide the young ladies in their future professional decisions

The Ministry has additionally trained 300 instructors in Bono East, Bono, and Ahafo as a feature of these boot camps to ensure the continuity of this program in their different schools.

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