147GB per SECOND of data was consumed on PornHub in 2018

Pornhub saw 4.79 million videos uploaded in 2018, with 147GB per second, 528TB per hour, and 12.7PB of data transferred per day

Pornhub has an absolutely astonishing 33.5 billion visits to the site in 2018 (and it’s not even over yet) which equates to 92 million daily average visits, which the site points out is the population of Australia, Canada and Poland visiting Pornhub each and everyday.

They have had over 30 billion searches in 2018 so far, which works out to 962 searches per second.

There were over 4.79 million videos uploaded this year so far, which works out to 1 million hours of video or 115 years of video.

Pornhub breaks it down so well, stating that “if you started watching 2018’s videos after the Wright brother’s first flight, you would still be watching today. Remember that the Wright brothers first flight was back in 1903, 115 years ago.

The numbers that blew my mind were the data transferred over 2018, with a mind blowing 4403 petabytes transferred in 2018 so far.

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Pornhub says that this works out to 574MB of data for every single person on Earth, and further breaks it down into 147GB per second, 529TB per hour, and 12.7PB per day. This works out to more bandwidth than the entire internet consumed in 2002.


Check out the full infographic below:

Source TweakTown
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