3 Senior high technical schools receive ICT facilities

The Israeli Embassy has commemorated three information and communication technology (ICT) research facilities in three senior high technical schools (SHTSs) to improve the educating and learning of ICT.

The classroom laboratories, which cost about $46,000, were established under the Israeli Embassy’s Education for advanced development projects’ which target support for the public authority’s drive to project digitalization and innovation in the economy and the training area.

The recipient schools are the Amasaman Senior High Technical School, Tema Manhean Senior High Technical School, and the Walewale Senior High Technical School.

Every laboratory has been furnished with 20 laptops, with one laptop for the domain and teacher use, one printer and two WIFI switches for web access, and one savvy TV for the students to adhere to the instructor’s guidelines.

At a function to commemorate the ICT lab in Amasaman Senior High Technical School in Accra last Tuesday, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, Ms. Shlomit Sufa, said that the task was pointed toward upgrading ICT education among students by furnishing their schools with up to date modernized technological apparatuses for their viable use.

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“As an embassy, we hope to extend the project to more schools and to continue supporting education in Ghana through capacity-building programs,” she said.


She also said this current project started in October 2021 when the first of three senior secondary schools were chosen with help from the Ministry of Education through the Vice-President’s Office.

“The identified schools included the Amasaman Senior High Technical School which had an ICT classroom but had no adequate tools for the students to use; the Tema Manhean Senior High Technical School, which also had a classroom with most of the computers being dysfunctional and the Walewale Senior High Technical School, which had no ICT classroom,” she noted.

She said the Israeli government’s obligation is to keep on working with the public authority to further develop ICT education in the nation, adding that they were focused on guaranteeing that much more students profited from the project.

She pleaded with the students and teachers to make the most of this opportunity and build upon their ICT abilities for a higher level in their school and work life.

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The Deputy Minister of Education, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, vowed to make sure that all slowed-down educational infrastructural projects in the school were finished.

“We are very much aware of the challenges of this school, every infrastructure project that money has been put into will be continued.

‘‘The projects funded by GETFund and projects started by the parent-teacher association (PTA), we will collaborate with them and have our engineers access them and see the best way to go,” he said.

He applauded the Israeli Embassy for undertaking the activities, expressing that the program assumed an essential part to help the government’s vision of empowering human resources and giving a favorable climate to the students.

The Headmistress of the school, Irene Ocansey, expressed gratitude to the Embassy for their kind and vowed to make sure that the ICT research facility was effectively utilized.

She said following the opening of the laboratory, she was certain that the school would present ICT as an elective subject one year from now.

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She noticed that the students, especially the visual arts and technical students, in deciding on their fourth elective subject frequently picked literature and economics due the absence of a pragmatic course like ICT.

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