4 Tips to Using a Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine

Largely regarded as a major moneymaker in various facilities, commercial popcorn maker machines find their role in several aspects of people’s lives. However, before making your purchase or leasing a machine, here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision:


Consider the Size of the Popcorn Maker Machine

When it comes to buying or leasing a commercial popcorn maker machine, size is one such a critical aspect you cannot afford to skimp. However, the size of your machine will largely depend on how big the task will be. The dimensions of the popcorn machine highlight the quantity of 1-ounce helpings of popped corn that the machine can produce in every cycle. Most of the machines take anything ranging from 3-4 minutes. Therefore, the size of the machine will directly relate to the number of one-ounce servings you will need and the speed at which you will need them. You can find more information on how to find the best commercial popper from credible online review platforms.

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What Kinds of Oil Do I Use?

Just like the size of the machine, the kinds of oil used in your machine is another invaluable aspect to consider. The ultimate popcorn flavor largely depends on the type of oil used. Everybody loves the nostalgic popcorn flavor that is attributed to the famous coconut oil. However, there are tons of options to choose from regarding the type of oil. These include peanuts, soy, sunflower, and canola to mention just a few. One of the best things about the lesser-known canola oil is that it has the lowest amount of body fat content and cholesterol, which makes it a worthy option for healthy eaters.

Cleaning Is Crucial

They can produce food that is constantly in high demand. However, this does not mean that cleaning your popcorn machines is not necessary. Keeping a clean machine not only prevents grease build up and food contamination but also helps your food taste even better. It may be a hard ask after you have closed down for the day, but the effort is worth it. Cleaning your machine does not have to be such a daunting task if you know what steps to follow for efficient cleaning. Ensure all the light and heating switches are turned off before initiating the cleaning process. Then proceed to unplug your machine. It is also necessary to allow for up to 30 minutes for the kettle to cool down before you start cleaning. During this period, you can create the cleaning solution by mixing your kettle cleaning concentrate with water. Then proceed to remove the kettle from supports before pouring the solution into a safe disposal location. Finish by wiping down the rest of the kettle using a rug.

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Determining Maintenance and Replacement of Parts

Most of the commercial popcorn maker machines come with the manufacturer’s guarantee. This ensures the protection of the machine and its parts in case it develops a problem. When leasing a machine, you should spend the extra fees on maintenance or insurance. This cushions you from any unforeseeable operating issues and crashes. Replacement parts are readily available online. Finding them should not prove challenging at all.

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