49% Of Ghanaians To Stop Using E-Transactions Due To E-Levy – Afrobarometer Report

The greater part of Ghanaians are not sure at all that government will utilize the 1.5 percent right now being charged on Electronic transactions (E-levy) to finance development projects all over the nation, an Afrobarometer Report has uncovered.

As indicated by the Afrobarometer study directed by CDD-Ghana, just 9% of Ghanaians are certain that government will utilize income from the E-duty to finance development.

51% of Ghanaians don’t think the government will contribute the returns produced from the E-levy to development projects.

The report shows that 24% of Ghanaians are not extremely sure that the income created from the E-levy will be utilized for its planned reason, while 15% are fairly certain that government will without a doubt involve the gathered income for its initial purpose

Additionally, 47% of Ghanaians in spite of the charges on electronic exchanges say they will keep on utilizing electronic monetary exchanges.

In any case, 49% of Ghanaians have uncovered that the E-levy will cause them to keep away from or quit utilizing electronic monetary exchanges.

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