5 Things You Didn’t Know About CNC Machining

CNC machining is becoming popular, especially among manufacturers. Most people have heard about CNC machining, but not all of them can explain how the technology works. CNC machining is an abbreviation for Computer Numeric Control Machining. The technology is a manufacturing process that uses computers to handle machine tools such as routers, grinders, and CNC mill parts. Experts use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create a design. The design is then turned into numeric using a computer. These numbers serve as coordinates and manage the work of a carefully designed cutter. This article explores five things that you did not know about CNC machining.

1. Programming

Professionals use the G-code language to program CNC machines. Programmers use the code to manipulate every movement the tool makes during the manufacturing process. The G-code instructions control the speed and positions the cutting equipment.

2. It begins with CAD

The whole process starts with either a 2D CAD or a 3D CAD drawing model. The professionals then derive the G-Code from this software and run a trial to test the program. This process is known as “cutting air,” and it is crucial to prevent any mistakes that could damage the work-piece or the cutting tool. If the test is a success, the experts continue to run it on the real part.

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3. CNC offers precision and repetition

You can use CNC to create complex 3D shapes as a single unit. Compared to manual machining, CNC allows greater accuracy. The best thing is that the process is repeatable. You can use the same CNC program to manufacture multiples of the same part.

4. You can build any Part

With CNC machining, you can move the cutting tool or the work-piece in several and various axes of motion. For instance, a 3-axis CNC machine can run in the X, Y, and Z axes to create a three-dimensional shape. More advanced devices such as the 6-Axis can produce almost any type of configuration you can imagine.

5. Methods of CNC Machining

There are two primary methods of CNC machining: CNC milling and CNC lathing. Both ways use a CNC router to create customized implements used in several industries. The main difference between the two methods is how each of them cuts the material. CNC milling is a mobile method. The workpiece stays in a constant place while the machine works around it to produce the final project. CNC lathing is a static method. The cutting device remains in one place while the object spins around the tool. You can use CNC mill and CNC lathe parts to replace non-functioning parts in a CNC machine.


This technology is useful in several industries. You can use it to build tiny electronic elements, various types of engraving, and in the automobile field. The technology is also under constant upgrade, meaning that the world can expect better results in the future.

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