5 Tips to Buying a Tower Fan

A tower fan comes in handy when you want to cut back on your electricity expenses. This is because it consumes less energy than an air conditioner. Since its blades are not designed to be visible, it’s much safer for pets and little children.

Besides that, it generates a cool breeze that moves around the room softly without triggering colds in kids and adults. However, buying a tower fan can be a daunting task for someone that has never bought such an appliance before.

Unless you are an informed buyer, picking the right model of a fan can be hard, specifically because there are many brands in the market. Here are tips on what to look for when shopping for a tower fan.

  1. Price

This one is a no-brainer. No matter how desperate you are, you can only buy an appliance that’s priced within your budget. However, you can increase your chances of getting an affordable deal by comparing the prices of different stores. This means that you can get a nice fan without breaking into a bank.

Regardless of where you shop from, just make sure you get good value for your money. When being guided by price, you must remember that you can only get what you pay for. If you want a fan that has many features, you must be ready to pay a premium price. For instance, a fan that’s offered with a limited time warranty is much better than a model that doesn’t have one because you can have it repaired or replaced without bearing extra cost.

  1. Cooling Power

The cooling power of a tower fan is determined by the capacity of its motor, measured in amps or volts. Fans that are equipped with motors that have powerful motors are able to generate a cool breeze much faster than those that have motors with less power capacity. In a addition to that, the strength of a motor determines how far the breeze will be distributed in a room. A fan with a powerful motor will definitely cover a large area, therefore eliminating the need of having several fans in a room.

  1. Noise Cancellation

By the rule of thumb, you should settle for a tower fan that functions discreetly. Such a fan normally produces noise that can’t be heard even when you are not far from the appliance. In fact, if you put it in a crowded room, your guests will notice when you turn on. They will only experience a cooling sensation after a few seconds. A fan that’s noisy can disturb your sleep when it’s put in the bedroom. With quietest tower fans, you are guaranteed of enjoying sleeping without interrupted by noise.

  1. Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, no one wants to invest in an appliance that will ruin his budget, because there are other bills that have to be paid. If you don’t want to be spending a lot of your money on paying the electricity bill, it’s advisable you opt for a model that’s energy efficient. You can tell if a fan consumes less energy by checking whether it has an energy star mark on one of its sides.

  1. Features

Your choice of a tower fan should be guided by the features that you want such an appliance to have. If you want a fan that goes off and on automatically, you should look for a fan that has a programmable timer. Similarly, if you want to be able to switch the appliance on and off without having to walk away from the coach or sofa, it’s advisable you get a model that has a remote control.

Besides that, if you want to be able to use the fan at varied height and angle, you should look for a model that has an adjustable height and angle. Such features come in handy when you don’t want the cold air to hit you directly.

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