5 Useful Google Chrome Extensions You Can Try Today

Google Chrome is one of the finest web browsers available today. With millions of people using the Google product, it has gained global prominence for its reliability, fastness and its in-built javascript which enables it to open virtually all websites on the internet.

Though chrome may come across primarily as a perfect web browser, it can even get better. But, you have the power to make it better.

To make that happen, you need the employ the services of extensions. Extensions are mini-software that are integrated into your web browser to provide extra functions. Usually, you’d see their icons listed right beside the address bar in the chrome browser.

In this article, we shall look at five of such extensions that can be useful to you as a google chrome user.


Grammarly is a grammar, spellings and general mistakes checker that enables you to reduce errors while typing online.


Grammarly comes in two versions: the free version which gives you limited coverage which includes spelling mistakes and common grammatical errors. And then it also comes with the premium version which deals with problems associated with the tone of your language and deeper errors that cannot be corrected in the free version.

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To get this plugin, you have to visit grammarly.com to register for a free account.

Alexa Traffic Ranking

There are times you visit a site and you wonder how popular the site is since you can’t see the site’s traffic statistics unless you are an administrator.

The Alexa Traffic ranking extension is a product of Amazon which compares websites across the globe based on the number of views they’ve had in the past 90 days or 3 months.

With the Alexa traffic ranking, you can check the popularity of any website you visit. The higher the figure associated with the site, the lesser it is known.

Save To Pocket

Save to pocket extension is a google chrome extension which enables you to save files, images, links, webpages, texts and other resources to a central list which is displayed across all devices that you use google chrome on.

Full Page Screen Capture

Tired of having to use multiple commands and key combinations to capture a webpage on your web browser?

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Full Page Screen Capture is the google chrome extension for you. It provides a one-click screen capture option to your web browser.

Usually, when you activate the extension to take a shot, it automatically scrolls through the whole web page until it’s done taking the whole shot.

It is a good one for people who love to capture full webpages for referencing.


How do you fancy redesigning someone’s website for your personal use?

Well, Stylish provides you with the ability to alter the design of a website by selecting from a wide variety of themes the one that fits your preference.

This extension is particularly good for sites that do not have beautiful layouts but yet have useful information.

With this extension, you can change any website to a better version that you’re comfortable reading from. Be it Facebook, Google or any other big site, Stylish has the right themes to make your surfing pleasurable.

However, note that the make-over is only temporarily and only applies to you. It doesn’t affect what others see when they visit the same site.

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If you are a fan of PHP, HTML and CSS, you have the opportunity to input some codes to tweak the themes provided even more.


Extensions are usually light-weight plugins that make your browser perform extran functions. Some of them can be downloaded and installed while others are installed by just a single click on the creator’s website.

In all, browser extensions save us lots of times especially if you know when and how to use them. I hope you find this article interesting and helpful in your quest to add more extensions to your google chrome browser.

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