5 Ways you can use call tracking

Everybody is familiar with this question when frequenting a new establishment, “please tell us how you heard about us?” Typically, it comes as the last query when filling a form, or when talking to a sales expert over the phone.

Call tracking is what we call that query. It might seem intrusive; however, it is the best way that businesses use to track their most efficient advertisement strategy.


Many people wonder when businesses started practising call tracking. Ever since phones became an invention, firms who are selling various products use it for efficiency purposes.

The question we are asking ourselves today is, “How can you use it effectively?”

Do not worry; today we are going to show you ways you can use call tracking to make it a considerable investment.

  1. Get the ideal marketing opportunity

It is normal for any business to apply various marketing dynamics. All these strategies are suitable to help them choose the best of them all.


You will find that one business may have success on the online platform than on offline marketing practices. Call tracking enables you to track where callers got the number through the Dynamic Number Insertion.

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With that, it is possible to save some money because you identify the strategy that is bringing in more leads; additionally, you do away with the least effective one.

  1. To determine the most appropriate keywords for a campaign

Online ads can be tricky because it requires you to channel most of your creativity to SEO. Your priority is to appear on the first page of the search engine results page.

According to statistics, effective call tracking can help you track down the most appropriate keywords that bring in more leads to you.

By the way, experts say that call tracking has similarities to Google AdWords. As you identify those words, it will give you an upper hand; you will also kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Ideal for franchise call tracking

A business with many franchises means that it has various business locations. Nonetheless, most people prefer having the same customer representatives for the entire corporation.

To ensure that you have efficient tracking of calls, you can get one number; alternatively, you could also take two or whichever amount of business numbers you desire.

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Experts say that more numbers are beneficial because you can track leads with ease. If you want more information on this, visit AvidTrak website for more details.

  1. Call recording

Most people are familiar with the phrase, “We may record this call for future purposes.” The essence is to get data that they can use for various business improvements.

Call recording is an essential feature, and it is perfect that you pick software that provides such critical features.

During the call, the sales representatives will pick details such as the reason for requests, complaints, phrases that clients use for SEO, and compliments coming from them.

  1. Routing calls to the right departments

When people are calling any business or organization, their main intention is to get information about products or services.

Therefore, for better-calling experience, call tracking could be of great help if you receive many calls within a day.

Instead of the customer care representatives keeping you waiting on the line, the software clusters clients and channels them to the individuals (or departments) who should offer the required assistance quickly.

Additionally, it ensures that you save time and that you can serve as many people as possible, which is the essence of business altogether.

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Final remarks

Good software comes with many features to make sure that you save money on your marketing campaigns. Take time before selecting the right one. You should also examine it if the company offering such services gives free trials.

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