6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush is largely one of the most successful mobile games played on multiple platforms.

With its easy nature and its colourful display, Candy Crush is a viable candidate for time-wasting and battery-draining applications or games one can ever play on their phone.

Aside from playing this wonderfully addictive game, what other trivial information do you know about this game?

In this article, we shall talk you through a list of 6 things you did not probably know about Candy Crush Saga.

Enjoy your read.


A Pink Bow On A Particular Level Means Something

Yes! You read the caption right. Anytime you start a new level while playing Candy Crush Saga game and you see the pink bow on your new level, it is not just for fun. It actually means something.

So when you see that pink bow on your level, it means a friend of you has donated 3 extra moves that you can use on that level.

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If you are playing the game on your mobile platform, the moves are automatically added to your level once you start playing.

On Facebook though, to activate this moves, you have to click on the +3 Moves on the beginning screen.

Move Suggestions Given Are Mostly Wrong

When playing the game, at some point you may find it difficult making your next move.

At this point, if you keep being moveless for some number of seconds, you are automatically given your next move where the candies shake to show you the move you’re supposed to make next.

While this is helpful most times especially in opening your eyes to better moves, it is a bad idea for you to want to always follow this suggestion since it’s usually just a random move which is not tactically selected for you.

The more you use this move, the more likely you are to lose the game.

Get Five More Lives By Changing Your Phone Date

Do you always lose your five lives before you could finish a certain level ?

Does this bother you all the time? Worry not.

There’s a trick for you to get your life replensihed.

Once your lives get finished during the game, go back to your phone settings and increase your date by one more day.
So if today’s date is 4th May, change your phone’s date to 5th May.

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Once you do this successfully, your 5 lives will be restored for you to use.

Remember that this only works on the mobile platforms of the game.

Use The Fish Booster Only As Your Last Move

As tempted as you may be to use the fish booster at some point in the game where there are so many candies to crash, doing that may actually be suicidal for you.

It is best to save the fish booster as your very last move towards the end of the level since the booster tends to clear any candies left on the screen for that particular level.

So, no matter how hard the temptation is, do not yield to it until you’re sure that it is your last move.

Remove All Blocks First

If you find any squares with blockers in your game, your focus should be on removing them first.

To do this, you have to match candies inside the squares or around the squares to split open the blockers.

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Once you are able to remove the blockers from the game, the rest becomes very easy for you to tackle and you can finish the game within the given number of moves you are supposed to use.

Get Very High Points By Finishing With Extra Moves

Most levels require that players get some number of points to proceed to the next level.

Playing and winning the game alone doesn’t guarantee you high scores that can qualify for the next level.

However, if you are able to finish the game with some more moves to spare, all those moves are converted to extra points which are added to your overall points scored.


Candy Crush Saga is a very beautiful and addictive game that has millions of people playing it every day.

Frankly, though the game is addictive, if you do not know its major secrets and hacks, you won’t enjoy it as much someone who does.

I hope you apply these tricks and little tips when next you are playing the game.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, you can either let us know or leave a comment below.

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