7 Clever Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Know

Today, there exist plenty of digital marketing techniques. Some of these digital marketing tactics are powerful than others. If you are a beginner in the world of digital marketing, you might wonder which ones are the most essential.

In today’s ever business environment, businesses can no longer depend on a single marketing technique to get the anticipated results. Businesses should utilize different strategies that take into account different aspects to create a smooth buying process for customers.

That being said, in this article, we will share some of the most powerful digital marketing tactics every business owner should know.

Let’s get rolling.


When it comes to digital marketing, SEO cannot be underrated. However, it is getting complex every new day. Google’s algorithm is also becoming unpredictable, but you can learn how it works.


But if you cannot grasp how SEO works, you could consider hiring an SEO expert to take the hard work out of your hands.

It’s undeniable that everyone can learn some SEO basics but you will want to have someone who has been practising it for a while who knows what the best strategies are.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing are inseparable. The two tactics are powerful when it comes to driving targeted traffic.

Nevertheless, content marketing is broad and so to use this tactic, you should:

Create Valuable Content

Although you need to create content that ranks better in Google, you should also create content that is valuable, relevant and unique for human readers to love it.

Remember, people are coming to your site to see whether they can get solutions to their problems so you need to create content that addresses their pain points.

Create Content to Engage

Content that engages your readers is more likely to convert them into real customers. To create engaging content you need to take advantage of various forms of media to make your content eye-catching, fun and interactive.

In that case, you can use interactive infographics, quizzes, and many other forms to make your content interactive.

Create Videos and Podcasts

People are more attracted to podcasts and videos than any other forms of media. The good thing about podcasting is that people can consume it even when traveling or working.

People can also watch video content everywhere using their portable mobile devices something that seems cumbersome with text-based content. Nevertheless, written content is still powerful and delivers detailed information and is easier to optimize for SEO.

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For that reason, you should take advantage of every powerful content form and be creative as you use it in your digital marketing.

Email Marketing

If you have a website, then you must have done some email marketing. But can it be effective to reach your target audience at the right time?

Well, email marketing is thought to be a powerful tool for generating more leads. It also boosts sales and conversion rates.

The good thing about email marketing is that it’s not as expensive as other digital marketing tactics. In fact, you can start it free. You can also use it alongside other media.

Social Media Marketing

If you are not on social media then you are living in an enclosed world or in a different universe. Did you know you can make it more effective today?

The best way to make social media marketing effective is to automate your content so that your posts go live at the exact time your audience is online.

The good thing is that there are plenty of tools for post scheduling like Hootsuite which help to reach your readers transcending space and time.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing also termed as SEM is a digital marketing tactic meant to boost your SERPs using paid advertising means. Similar to SEO, you will also need an expert to guide you and the best people to hire are those who are familiar with Google AdWords.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing technique that involves working with influencers (people who have a huge following on social media). This method, like inbound marketing and email marketing, it is also affordable.

Nevertheless, you will need to identify top influencers and not just celebrities. In that case, you will need a little research.

Video Marketing

People can digest video more than any other forms of media. Today, video marketing has become a popular visual medium and is here to stay. According to statistics, 87% of online marketers use video content.

In fact, most customers will want to see how a product works as well its features and functionalities in video form.

The Bottom Line

To wrap it up, these are just a few of the digital marketing tactics out there. However, these seven are the most powerful and effective tactics you can use to achieve fast success.

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