7 Easy Ways To Get Free Bitcoin In 2019

More and more people are trying to get into the crypto train as the popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is increasing day by day. If you want to earn free bitcoins without spending even a single buck, then this post will help you to a great extent. Before going into the details, a quick heads up to you all, there is no such thing called “free bitcoin”. Whether it’s your money, or your time, or even your knowledge of computer processing power, they will surely ask something in return for sure. If you have not a single bit of idea about bitcoin, then you should read this article first.

However, today we will talk about seven easy and legit ways to get free bitcoin in 2019. Excited? Let’s get started.

By Freelancing

Freelancing is the best and quickest approach to earn a good sum of bitcoins. In exchange for investing in bitcoin, you have to offer your freelance services into it. Numerous new companies and sites are growing quickly, from new blockchain applications to building crypto-wallets and ICOs.

These companies are in need of talents that can help to build and scale their businesses. The requirement for freelancers is ever-increasing whether you are a YouTuber, Designer, Writer, Copywriter, Translator, Developer, Marketer, or Engineer. Many writers are incoming bitcoins by making use of their writing skills for various websites. Nowadays, people have been exchanging products through bitcoins.

Because cryptocurrencies have been ruling the finance world currently and every digital marketer seems to be ruled by it.


Through Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucet is an application or a reward system that uses Satoshi (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC) to pay its visitors. You will need to perform a lot of easy tasks such as playing online games or completing a captcha in exchange for bitcoin.

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In another faucet, you can also have a small amount of other cryptographic forms of money such as Litecoin and Dogecoin. There is a usual limit on the way of claiming from each website, with some faucets you can get coins every 5 minutes. On the other side, there are some that give away on a regular basis, such as hourly, daily, and weekly. Or else, it’s really easy to conceive some coins by giving away the address of your wallet.

As the average payout is very low, you will want to reduce transaction fees. In order to do that, you should preserve those satoshis before sending a payout to your bitcoin’s address on the faucet site. In view of this, faucet sites probably won’t be an extraordinary method to procure the imperceptibly small portions of a full bitcoin.

However, you can utilize those coins to do a test exchange or two prior to your money to purchase any coins.

Through Online Shopping

With an extension like Lolli on your web browser, you will be able to earn up to 30% for more than 500 top brands all around the web without any virtual effort.

By following these steps below, you are good to go to earn free bitcoin with Lolli:

  • Open your Google Chrome and install Lolli on it.
  • Do shopping on the web and there will be a pop-up notification from Lolli on the percentage of Bitcoin that you can get back.
  • Purchase anything that you need to buy just as normal shopping.
  • Get free Bitcoin after checking out using Lolli.

Get Bitcoin Tips

Getting tipped is another great way to get free bitcoins. When you perform a good job and impress someone with your service, they tip you as a signature of gratitude. It’s a very common thing for centuries. Let’s say, you have certain knowledge, skill or expertise in a particular subject. You create a video and upload it on YouTube. You put your Bitcoin address on the description below. Or, suppose you have a blog and you write a lot of informational content on it. You include the address on your website. Whoever likes your content will go to the link and tip you some bitcoin. As simple as that. You never know who you are inspiring, helping, or enlightening.

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By Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is the perfect thing for you if you have previous experiences with trading. The prosaism is purchase low, sell high. It’s basic yet difficult. This short-term speculation requires bunches of time and persistence.

Prior to becoming a trader, you need to furnish yourself with learning about the computerized money, comprehend the hidden market standards and examine the market conduct. In fact, I go over Crypto masters selling seminars on showing individuals how to make cash utilizing a pump and dump strategy.

By joining their selective participation, you will be able to realize what to purchase, when it is the ideal time to sell and which coins you should keep with yourself. Technically, there will be no free bitcoin in the beginning, yet you can get some coins when you sell them every time.

By Inviting People

You are supposed to get a commission when individuals sig and or purchase any product using the link of your promoted product or service.

Boosting bitcoin affiliate programs is an incredible method to make some great automated revenue in case you already run a website or blog. Don’t know how it works? Okay, read below:

  • You join a bitcoin affiliate program that you’ve actually utilized or trust and put stock in.
  • Customize your profile and give your Bitcoin address (this is the place they’ll send your profit)
  • You will get an individual referral link that will drag the visitors straightforwardly on their site.
  • Share the link as much as you can on your website, blog posts, forums, email contacts, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. etc.
  • If somebody clicks your link and become a customer, you’ll acquire a commission in bitcoin.
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By Mining

Making profit through mining is getting harder day by day, hence I decided to put it at the end of the list. People used to do mining by making use of a PC or a graphics card back then. But now you just can’t simply do that. You will need a specifically designed device for mining bitcoins such as ASIC Miner. In 2019, you get 12.5 BTC for each block mined.

Built it will drop to 6.25 BTC in the year 2020. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and you could earn 50 Bitcoin for every block without any hassle. Keeping the high arrangement cost in mind, month to month power bills and low remunerates, it could most likely take a very long time before you can begin seeing the profits.

In fact, miners are more likely to join cloud-based mining services such as Genesis mining. The cloud mining service ensures you a fixed return in bitcoin when you purchase a package. However, you should always do your research before joining a cloud mining service because there are a lot of scam companies out there on the internet nowadays.

Cryptographic forms of money are theoretical, complex and include huge dangers – they are profoundly unstable and touchy to auxiliary movement. Execution is eccentric and past execution is no assurance of future execution.

Think about your own conditions, and get your very own recommendation, before depending on anything. However, these 7 ways are the most effective ways that you can earn free bitcoin today. If you wish to utilize them, you are likely to make a profit out of them.

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