8 Social Media Changes that happened in 2019

Social media continues to grow and 2019 was no different. Here are some of the changes that took place in 2019.

Instagram Stories explode

Instagram added engagement stickers and the ability to tag users and reshare stories. Stories showed up in the Explore tab, and they enabled private direct messages from a story.

IGTV expands

Instagram rolled out the ability to add IGTV previews into the feed. They also support 16×9 video.

Instagram feed changes

From the hiding of likes (which people are up in arms about) to native scheduling with Creator Studio, a LOT has changed with Instagram.

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook’s AI system takes over the heavy lifting for your ad budgets so those out-of-control costs can be better managed.

TikTok rolls out self-service ads

The growing platform makes it easier to get in front of their audience.

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YouTube Studio

Finally rolling out of beta, this tool brings advanced analytics to anyone using YouTube.

LinkedIn rolls out live video

This Microsoft-owned platform decided to finally get into the live video game.

Facebook Groups

FB added group badges, the ability to format posts, group units, group analytics, the ability for pages to post in groups, and much more.

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