80 Ghanaian students to learn programming techniques

Opportunity to be offered to 80 Ghanaian students to learn functional programming techniques and building smart contract applications, in other words as block-chain-based self executing contracts.

The said course is to be taught in Haskell programming language to give Ghanaian innovators complete and an autonomous control to be able to bring about solution to challenges faced by the everyday Ghanaian, which may range from applications to easy accessibility to financial services.


There will be two tutors for the course; The Pan-African Tech Foundation (PAFT) which is a non-profit foundation promoting technological development in Ghana, and Input Output Global (IOG), a blockchain research and development company who force driving green blockchain platform, Cardano.

The course will be held in Accra and will be facilitated by the founder of PATF, Ms Elaine Bannerman, together with her entourage.

PATF and IOG will liaise with technology-focused universities and hubs to ensure the best and deserving candidates for the course are selected, and those who excel at the course will have job opportunities at IOG.

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The upcoming course seeks to equip the students with knowledge to help them develop projects of relevance to the art and music industry with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – a unique blockchain-based digital collectibles which artists can sell to fans.


NFTs are unique assets that cannot be replaced with something else, and are verified and stored using blockchain technology.

Students will be trained in the Haskell programming language – a programming language that is precise and secure and is used in mission-critical industries such as aerospace, defence and finance, where high levels of accuracy are crucial.

And given Ghana’s drive to digitise its economy and the Bank of Ghana currently working towards a blockchain-based digital currency, the skills will be crucial for the next generation of technology leaders.

According to the training promoters, smart contracts were becoming an increasingly important skill for programmers – “they are heavily used in the financial technology space as they offer security, transparency and accuracy without compromising on credibility, while reducing regulatory costs.”

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IOG, Mr Charles Hoskinson, said the company was committed to empowering citizens to autonomously develop solutions to day-to-day challenges in their own nations, the reason why the Haskell training courses were a fundamental part of its work.

“We have always taken an academic, research-first approach to blockchain development, so Haskell was our choice of programming language for our industry-leading green blockchain platform, Cardano,” he explained.

Mr Hoskinson added that with a generation of innovative tech leaders in Ghana capable of using such a secure and robust programming language, “we could see transformative applications built which shape the tech landscape in Ghana for decades to come.”

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