9 Sure Steps To Facebook Marketing

Statistics has it that Facebook hosts close to a third of the world’s population! It’s the largest social media platform in the world. Look, more than 2 billion monthly users login to the platform each month! Wow!

For marketers, this is a windfall opportunity since, among these users, there is a world of potential customers. For the users, it is a chance to make new friends, interact with acquaintances, interact with businesses, exchange ideas, and do plentiful other good things (leave the wrong things to those who are ready to meet their karma).

While every marketer reading this may be abreast of the fact that Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to go, putting it into action is a totally different thing. The question is: how does one EFFECTIVELY create awareness of his/her product among these people? Where does one even start?

Luckily, that’s what I have to pass to you today. If you’re anyone that’s looking for how to get started with Facebook marketing, I got you covered today. Just make sure that you peruse the points below.

After reading this piece to the end, you should be able to start Facebook marketing right away. Let’s go!


Determine Your Target Audience

The first step is knowing who you’ll deal with. Then, you’d also want to know his/her potential of bringing changes to your product(s). So what’s their age? Where are they? What are their problems? What do they do for a living? What’s their level of education? If you answer all these and others, you’re good to go.

Understanding your audience throws light on how they are likely to react to your content. You’re free to use tools to get more insight into the users’ demographics. Consider Facebook Audience Insights as one of the best tools to use.

Set Your Goals

Goals are part of any planned move, and Effective Facebook Marketing isn’t left out.

Someone else will tell you to have goals, but I’ll advise you to set SMART goals.

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Improving your services, getting more customers, and offering better products aren’t the SMART goals I imply. They are just examples of ambiguous terms. They don’t have all the characteristics of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound).

After ensuring that your goals have the right characteristics, you model all your actions according to the targets. I mean: everything you do (commenting, posting, and the likes) should work towards achieving the goals.

Establish The Combination Of Your Content

You now have your goals at hand. What matters now is how to achieve all of them. One great way of doing so is by determining the combination of your content.

On one side, you can consider doing it 80-20. This means using only 20% of your content to market, and the remaining 80% to provide value (like education and entertainment) to the readers. Being more informative and less promotional at the early stages of Facebook marketing is one way of winning a wide range of attention, plus trust.

On the other hand, you can do it 70-30, with promotion taking the smaller percentage.

Either way, you’ll be proving valuable to most of whom your content appears before their eyeballs. Remember that you’re just starting, and to get more followers, you have to show your importance. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shall be free to do 100% promotional campaigns in the future, no!

Create A Business Page

You’re now in terms with a good number of followers, worthwhile goals, and an exceptional content combination formula. You need to create a Facebook page next.

And, what I like about creating a Facebook page is that it’s done for free. There’s also no maximum number of followers of a page. Coca-Cola, for example, has over 105 million followers on their page!

Nevertheless, in as much as creating a page is free, it isn’t just done ordinarily. If you want the best out of it, take in the following tips.

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  • Choose the page name wisely. Your brand name can do.
  • Explain the business in details in the “about” section of the page.
  • Choose clear and representative photos for both your page’s cover and profile photos.
  • Include a call-to-action icon on the page.


It’s now time to show the world of Facebook what you have in store for your customers. It’s time to post the contents that are smart, aligned to your goals, and helpful to the reader.

Posted content can take a number of forms. It can be a:

  • Video post.
  • Text post.
  • Linked content post.
  • Pinned post.
  • Live video post.

All are worthwhile, but it’s interesting to learn that video posts are gaining popularity more and more each day. They’re also more compelling than the other forms.

All in all, you have to see that whatever you post meets (or exceeds) the standards expected by your readers. Don’t forget to provide value than promotion.

Increase Your Followers

Once you have the apt content and some followers, it’s time to expose your content to more readers. But, This isn’t just as simple to do as to say. Likewise, it’s done in many ways.

Start by drumming up for a visit to your page on other platforms. You can do this on your blog, website, and other social media platforms like Twitter. Always remember to include “like” and “share” icons on the platforms where your page is shared. Ask your readers and followers to like and share the page.

Move on to being active on that page. Be social. Respond to the queries raised by your followers and likers. Otherwise, they’ll leave your page to one that has a responsive admin. Also, update your content, each month, for example.

Try A Facebook Group

A Facebook group brings together users with a common interest. If you create one for your brand, it brings together fans of your brand.

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Then, they can discuss your products as you watch while you gather information. This is a way of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong with your products. Likewise, in groups, you can find experts who can complement your ideas.

Groups can also earn you more customers. Satisfied customers within your group can invite their friends to get a taste of your products, too.

Remember that sometimes you don’t have to create the group yourself, but join one that has been created by your happy customers.

Use Ads

Usually, Facebook’s Algorithm ranks higher posts with regard to friends and family. So there’s no guarantee that your post will appear before every follower of yours on Facebook, without putting an extra effort. And that’s why there are ads.

With Ads, you can target a specific audience. You pay for it, but the cost is worth the returns. The outcome will always prove this.

Log Your Progress And Act Appropriately

This is all about who did what, to know the things that worked and those that didn’t.

I can recommend Facebook Insights as a tool that helps you to do the tracking of your followers’ engagement with your products. Facebook Insights can tell you the exact number of engagements (likes, comments, shares, and other statistics) earned by a specific post within the Facebook platform. Outside Facebook (for the shared Facebook contents), you can use such tools as Google Analytics and UTM parameters.

With such statistics, you can always know what to tweak, quit, maintain, and improve. Then? You’ll always be on track with your goals.


I can now smell the difference between the “you” that’s reading this conclusion and the “you” before meeting this post. You are now set to go. The tips lead you directly to success, as long as you keep close to conciseness and consistency.

This is the chance to start and make a difference with your brand. Take it up, and go on with my best of luck wishes. See you.

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