A Report On The Retail Industry In Ghana Shows An Increase In Online Purchases


A report published by leading market research on the retail industry in Ghana has shown that there is a regular increase in the number of users using online platforms for purchasing of goods and services because of an increasing middle class and the popularity of smartphones and the rapid growth of technology among the youth.

The leading Market Research, Firmus Advisory, a Regulatory Compliance and Trade Development who made the publishing said despite the increase in the online purchase, more offline purchasing are still on-going.


The Industry titled ‘’Digitize or Die’’ stated that, a time is coming where only technology-minded retailers who get themselves updated with latest trends and understands their clients’ preferences would succeed in the market.

A survey conveyed on Social Media, Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi saw over 2,500 shares their views on the latest trends in the retail space, the drivers and inhibitors of shopping online or offline.


Retailers and retails shops across Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi were also engaged in interviews for more in-depth information and also about the spending on Food and Beverages, Health and Personal Care and Fashion products.

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Araba Koomson, a Research Executive, in a statement said, ‘’In sum, digitization is changing the retail landscape from pre to post-sale transactions, communication, distribution and customer feedback.’’


She also added that the habit of some consumers are some of the things that would help bring out new methods in retail trade going into the future.

A young population, Political stability and a favourable investment climate are also some factors increasing online transactions.

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