Absa Bank Takes Clients On A Journey With Technological Innovation

As a forward-looking, digitally-led financial services group, Absa is showcasing how it seamlessly combines technology and innovation into the lives of its clients across the Continent, at each stage of their respective life journeys.

“Absa firmly believes in creating opportunities for our customers to help bring their possibilities to life, and empowering them to do more,” says Mr. Charles Addo, Retail Banking Director at Absa Bank Ghana Limited.

“We are proud to support them by anticipating and satisfying their financial needs through differentiated, innovative propositions and products – from chat banking (powered by artificial intelligence) to contactless payments. As a demonstration of this, we will be sharing various customer journeys, showing how trusted digital solutions can make getting ahead simpler.”

The first story features a man’s journey through the early part of his adult life as he, with both grit and determination as well as with the support of Absa’s digital channels, overcome challenges and succeed. He does this all with the ultimate goal of helping his mother improve her eyesight.

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“The storyline also reflects the bravery, passion, and Africanacity of people who overcome obstacles every day, steadfast in what they want to achieve and who they want to achieve it for”, noted Mr. Ebo Richardson, Chief Enablement Officer at Absa Bank Ghana.

Absa has brought an extensive digital product portfolio to Africa, including being among the first to fully roll out WhatsApp Banking service, Absa’s chatbot Abby. From Vertical cards and contactless payments to biometric Apps and seamless business banking platforms, Absa has a digital financial solution and service offering for every life stage.

“Going forward, Absa’s focus remains on fast-lane and relevant innovation, as well as the creation of insight-led, market-aligned initiatives and digital capabilities”, says Mr. Richardson. “Customers want real-time, convenient, and friendly solutions that underpin a secure and seamless financial lifestyle and top-notch experience. Simply put, our digital solutions get things done.”

Watch the client journey video here: https://t.co/T2iIXGVlex?amp=1
Not sure what digital solution is for you? Visit https://www.absa.com.gh/personal/digital-banking/explore/

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