Accra Digital Centre: Services, Objectives, Companies & Contact Details

With the world gradually moving towards a totally technology-driven economy, the need to digitize the African economy has become obvious.

For this reason, the Accra Digital Centre was built by the Ghanaian state and funded by the World Bank and Rockefeller Foundation to position Accra -Ghana as the technology hub for the West-African business Sub-region.

The Accra Digital Centre is a conducive business environment designed and created to produce a homely and comfortable ecosystem for the development of digital innovations and entrepreneurship in Ghana and indeed the whole of West Africa.

The main objectives of the Accra Digital Centre are;

  1. To attract and retain ICT Companies to promote Entrepreneurship and digital jobs creation by providing an enabling environment for the ICT companies to thrive and accelerate economic growth.
  2. To encourage Digital Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship through business incubation and ICT Research and development programs.
  3. To Provide relevant technology solutions to various sectors of the economy through a partnership with the private sector.

In the subsequent paragraphs of this article, we shall look at some of the companies that operate from the Accra Digital Centre, what they do and their contact information.

Companies That Operate From The Accra Digital Centre

Currently, the Accra Digital Centre boasts of a whopping 24 different companies operating from its big and super-elegant infrastructure inside the hearts of Accra.

Dalex Finance

Dalex Finance is a wholly Ghanaian-owned financial institution which deals in loans and investments.

They are known mostly for their personal and business loans which are mostly given to government workers or workers on payrolls of reputable companies.

To contact Dalex finance, you can call them via 0244 333 411 or 024 2439584 or 024 243 5650.

You can also send them an email via: [email protected]

Softacom Business Solutions

Softacom Business Solutions is also a Ghanaian company which deals in software developments for businesses and individuals, corporate networking, ICT consulting, training, Internet Cafe, and office administration support services.

To contact Softacom Business Solutions, you can call them via: 0302247257.

Ghana Innovation Hub

The Ghana Innovation Hub is a business development and investment match-making company which provides individuals and companies with -physical workspace for either a short while or long-term use.

The Ghana Innovation Hub also creates room for ideas incubation, development and matches potentially great ideas with investment opportunities available.

You can reach out to the Ghana Innovation Hub on phone via:  0556959376.

VFS Global

VFS Global Ghana is a visa booking, application and reputation or Identity management company operating in over 150 countries worldwide.

It focuses on handling all processes that come with visa application apart from the assessment which the applicant has to do by themselves.

They aim at making the Visa Application process seemingly easy and fast at a very affordable price too and they have been committed to that since 2001.

You can contact them via : 0501295270 /0501295273.

You may also send an email via:  [email protected]

Ghana Tech Lab

This company is an innovative hub that seeks to transform beautiful indigenous ideas into productive startups through skills training focussed on technology developments.

They also develop digital solutions for individuals and companies that may require their services.

They deal in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Cybersecurity amongst others.

You can get in touch with them via +233 548-983-036

You may send an email via: [email protected]

World Vision Ghana

World Vision is a global leader in improving and transforming the lives of children, their families and their entire communities.

This organization is a Christian Non-Governmental Agency that focusses on making the future brighter for children who live in less-privileged societies and may not otherwise have had a bright future.

You may contact them via: 030 222 7216


InnoHub Ghana is an impact investment platform that helps Small Scale Enterprises with high growth rate and the potential of impacting society more to become ready for investment, sustainable and scalable in order to increase profitability and societal impact.

So basically they work as a bridge between social enterprises and impact investors.

They hope to see African innovative ideas grow to become global solutions.

You can call them via: 031 229 7951

You may also send an email via: [email protected]

Accra Synergy Center

The Accra Synergy centre is a centre for music, arts and tourism which is aimed at equipping personnel with requisite management skills to take up the tourism and music industry in Ghana.

The Center also has qualified personnel who offer such management services to companies that require their services.

Slamm Technologies

Slamm Technologies is an IT company based in Ghana and USA which deals in training, recruiting, placing and supporting individuals who have an interest in IT.

They offer courses in programming, Cyber Security, corporate IT solutions as well as software development.

Their courses are also internationally recognized and come with global certification.

You can call them via : 05713798933

Send them an email via:[email protected]


Codetrain is Ghana’s biggest software training institution.

Codetrain specialises in identifying programming talents and training them to become global forces in the software design and maintenance fields.

Codetrain provides 12 months of training and mentorship to its students after which they go through 5 years of followership to increase their ability and scale them for future opportunities.

To get in touch with codetrain, call them via: 0545 792 397 or 0548 604 333.

You may also send them a mail via: [email protected]


Akaditi is a Ghanaian technology company that has partnered with in the UK to provide Ghanaian companies and indeed global companies with the expertise and ability to change to meet current global trends through Agility.

They have worked with most of the big 30 corporate entities in Ghana and are looking to expand and reach more businesses that are willing to incorporate present technology into their dealings while preparing for newer ones in future.

You can contact Akaditi via 0332095244 or send them an email via [email protected]

Excel HR Consulting

Excel HR is a Ghanaian Human Resource Management and consultancy company which ensures effective recruitment, organization and utilization of a Company’s human resources so as to achieve a set goal.

They connect with their clients to understand their business models, their company objectives and goals set for specific periods in order to be able to get the right Human Resources to occupy various positions in the establishment.

You can call them via: 055 996 7750


The Famous Ayo is a Ghanaian Intermediary company which provides life cover and health insurance to Ghanaian populace via their mobile phones.

Ayo has collaborated with MTN Ghana to bring health insurance and life cover to the everyday Ghanaian who has a mobile phone.

With Ayo, you can register for a policy, monitor your cover and policy and also make claims right on your mobile phone.

Innovare Learning

This a management consultancy firm set up to help Ghanaian businesses get innovative through technology adoption and Optimization of the use of Information Technology.

Innovare Learning deals in corporate training, app developments, social media content management, web presence management, fixed assets management cybersecurity.

You can reach Innovare on phone calls via: 0302942878/ 0501290759/ 0501285277

Contact Accra Digital Centre

Adjacent State Housing Company
Ring Road West, Accra

+233 (0) 303 978 399
[email protected]

Digital Address: GA-174-3217


The Accra Digital Centre is more like the home for all forms of digital ideas in Ghana.

For businesses looking to have a comfortable and technology-enhanced working environment for small teams or big teams, the Accra Digital Centre is the right place for you.

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