Mobile Web Ghana to hold this year’s Africa Digital Skills Conference in July

Mobile Web Ghana and its associates are preparing to hold this year’s Africa Digital Skills Conference in July.

This conference will take place in the Bank of Ghana Conference Hall on the premises of the University of Ghana, Legon. The three-day conference is labelled: “Digital Skills for future jobs”.

This conference is meant to give opportunities to students, entrepreneurs, organisations and the youth in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Various tech activities would be carried out and these consist of learning fundamental digital skills like how to manage email and use excel, how to explore new technologies in data science, how to apply artificial intelligence and geoscience.

There will also be discussions on intermediate skills like social media for small and medium scale enterprises.

The focus of this conference is to enhance teaching and learning of tech skills across Africa and facilitate the development of a common vision for the required digital skills, problems confronted by people in the field and measures to address them.


Madam Florence Toffa, Director for Mobile Web Ghana pointed out to Ghana News Agency that “It will create a platform for a digital skills network and connections as well as building a solid digital foundation for Africa’s economies’’.

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She stressed that there would be exhibitions of academic materials, technology innovations, employment opportunities and career counselling.

Based on research conducted by GNA, analysis of International Finance Corporation (IFC) report depicted that over 9 million jobs in Ghana would need technological skills by 2030, which implies that about 20 million training opportunities need to be carried out.

The income opportunity size across Sub-Saharan Africa in technological skills is also $130 billion up to 2030.

The chances in Ghana alone is close to $4 billion prospective income up to 2030. The greatest opportunities are also located in business-to-business and business-to-public sector training for fundamental and intermediate skills.

Again, there are relevant opportunities in business-to-consumer skilling aimed at intermediate and advanced skills.

Mrs Toffa encouraged the general public to take an active part in the conference through or contact Africa Digital Skills on +233-542-951337.

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