Airtel, Ecobank Partner to enhance Access to Mobile Monetary Services

Airtel Africa in partnership with Ecobank International Incorporated (ETI), will help boost access to mobile money services for purchase and transactions more convenient. This new service, make it possible for Airtel cash customers, to access on-line deposits and withdrawals, make domestic and international cash transfers, create in-store businessperson payments, and access loans and savings merchandise through Ecobank’s digital money services system.

With this, bulk disbursement of money into Airtel cash will be made possible for account holders of Ecobank. Speaking concerning the initiative, Chief Executive Officer for Airtel Africa, Raghunath Mandava, said the partnership could be a way for Airtel Africa’s to show its commitment of supplying cheap, easy and innovative solutions for customers across Africa.

He added “We can still supply regionally relevant M-Commerce solutions with partners like Ecobank so as to boost the daily lives of our customers’’.

Ecobank Cluster Chief Executive Officer, Drink Ayeyemi, conjointly commented that money inclusion will ultimately contribute to economic development, collaborating with major telecommunications suppliers in Africa is, therefore, a key strategic driver towards closing the gap between the banked and also the underbanked.

According to him, the partnership with Airtel Africa makes Ecobank money services offered to any Airtel line registered on Airtel cash, in their markets wherever regulative approvals area unit in situ.

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This he aforesaid, can offer convenience to customers, intra-country and notably for cross-border transactions and remittances across Africa.

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