Anticipate Twitter Ads In Ghana 2022; #TwitterGhana

It is very disappointing to know you can not run Twitter ads in Ghana. Digital marketers in Ghana like myself find it soo difficult to explain to clients on how to promote content in Ghana through another agency somewhere outside Ghana. Spending at least $500 on ads without complete access to the ads dashbord is unacceptable excuse. With recent interactions on Twitter, there are plans for accessiblity to Twitter Ads in Ghana. @TwitterGhana is official.

Twitter in Ghana
Official Twitter Handle in Ghana

Twitter Ghana has taken a new era with most recent community engagement. Twitter is closer to Ghanaians than ever. In the past few months, Twitter in Ghana is buzzing with everyday updates. Most creatives in the music and movie industry shared thier honest appreciation to Twitter Ghana for contributing to their arts. There has been an authentic verification spree for creators who could not get thier accounts noticed. The account verification process is technical and you would need digital expert like Hyperlink Africa to aid you get verified.

Gyakie verified on twitter
Gyakie verified on twitter

Another add up to Ghana Twitter is the customised emoji attached to the hastag feature. M.anifest’s #MMTU album tag is the first ever tag to have an emoji attached to it. Subsequently, there are other tags with the customised emojis like Stonbwoy’s #BhimConcert21. These are major strategies I believe Twitter is doing that would cement their relationship with Ghanaaians. Twitter share relatable conversations and now drawing closer to the everyday Ghanaian. Supporting Ghanaian creatives to spread the content they curate, Twitter Music share some music from Ghana they are listening to. More interestingly, Twitter started mounting billboards in various communities in Ghana. Some major parts in Accra Ghana like Tema, Madina, Airport and other parts of the city.

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Twitter Billboards in Ghana

It is exciting to know that Twitter is finally accepting to activate Twitter Ads for Ghana early January. An inside information spilt to, lauds the strategic move Twitter is making to create a concrete commuinity in Ghana and Africa as a whole. When this feature is updated, Twitter users, brands, content creators and digital agencies can successfully promote their products to their taget audience. Twitter Ghana led by Bernard Sopke (@mistermeister) and the team are definately building Twitter in Ghana. would definately bring you more updates on new features with Twitter Ghana.

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