Asikam Presbyterian Primary School Receives 20-Seater ICT Lab

The Asikam Presbyterian Primary School in the Abuakwa South Municipality has gotten a renovated 20-seater Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Laboratory to improve training in the school.

The ICT lab was renovated and charged by the Van Moorhouse Foundation in a joint effort with the Swiss Embassy in Ghana.

Mr. Daniel Y Hienno, the Abuakwa South Municipal Director of Education, urged the school to keep up with maintenance practices to guarantee the PCs look great.

He requested that guardians support their wards’ training by giving them the option to learn for improved results.

Dr. Osei Osbon, the Director of Programs and Administration of the Van Moorhouse Foundation, said the Foundation under the sponsorship of LCR Energy Company in Canada renovated the ICT lab to empower students to have a practical experience of ICT.

He mentioned that frequent report on the condition of the PCs is sent to the association for the purpose of checking and aiding the upkeep of the PCs.


Dr. Osbon lauded the endless endeavors made by one Mr. Kwaku Boateng a local of Asikam, who dwells in Canada, for supporting exercises of VMF for a long time now.

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Mr. Michael Sakyi, the ICT educator of the Asikam Presbyterian School, said a long time back the school had only two PCs which got spoilt and this impacted the students’ academic abilities in the branch of knowledge.

On behalf of the school, he guaranteed the donors that the school would take full advantage of the PCs to work on the performance of the students in ICT.

Van Moorhouse Foundation (VMF) is a Non-benefit Organization that endeavors to improve individuals’ lives by giving day-to-day necessities to the powerless in their communities.

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