Best Movies To Watch On Netflix In Ghana While Stuck At Home

In efforts to reduce or fight the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), people are advised to practise social distancing and also stay at home.

In Ghana, there has been a two weeks lockdown on some regions and people have to abide by the rules of the government in helping fight this virus.

This has led many people bored at home, some people get to lock themselves with their families others with their partners and some also are alone inside their homes (like me).

During this lockdown, to reduce the boredom in staying at home people have to find something to do and what most people tend to do is to watch movies on Netflix.

Me myself I am a movie addict, in my free time it is either you find me reading, writing articles for you guys or watching movies. Aside these you won’t find me doing anything else because I am an introvert type.

I have received a lot of messages from my friends asking me to suggest to them movies that they can watch on Netflix during this lockdown.


In this article, I am going to take you through the best movies to watch on Netflix in Ghana whiles stuck at home

Black November – Drama/Actionblack november movie

Black November is a fiction movie based on an actual event, this movie is about Niger Delta community who went on a war against their corrupt government concerning international oil cooperation so that their land won’t be destroyed by this oil company.

This movie is a kinda bit of tragedy movie but it is very interesting to watch. Akon was featured in this movie.

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A Fall From Grace – Thrillera fall from grace movie picture

A woman called Grace accused of murdering her husband but at the court pleaded guilty, her lawyer decided to defend her because he believed she was not guilty.

This movie talks about people who always talk to their friends on everything that is happening to them, it is about someone close to you plotting something bad against you without you knowing.

If you are fond of telling everything happening in your life to your friends then this movie is definitely for you as you get to see what Grace own best friend did to her that made her lose everything she has worked for in her entire life by making her son date Grace just to collect all her properties.

The Burial Of Kojo – Drama/Thrillerthe burial of kojo movie picture

This is a Ghanaian movie on Netflix, it is a man whose brother traps him in a mine shaft, then his brave daughter attempted to rescue his father.

What Happened To Monday – Sci-FI/Actionwhat happened to monday movie picture

In a world where the population were getting out of hand, the government instructed the people to have one child, any family who breaks this law will have their newborn taken. One woman called Karen Settman gave birth to seven children all of them were girls and died shortly after giving birth.

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Their grandfather Mr Settman decided to take care of the seven children, without the government finding out by naming them after the days of the week starting Monday to Sunday.

Watch this interesting movie to find out what happened between the seven girls and the government when they grew up.

How To Build A Better Boy – Sci-fi/Familyhow to build a better boy movie picture

This is a movie of two best friends Gabby Harrison and Mae Hartley who were so brilliant in class and were on tenth grade, they decided to create a virtual boyfriend using Mae’s father military software thinking it was a gaming software.

Geek Charming – Comedygeek charming movie picture

Dylan Schoenfield, a Woodlands Academy student who met a guy called Josh Rosen, Josh was making a video documentary and Dylan wanted to become the Blossom Queen in their school, Dylan agreed to help Josh make the documentary about her personal life and to help her use that to campaign for her blossom queen competition, the two duos fell in love and you really need to watch what happened next.

I must tell you that this is my favourite high school movie of all time and up till now, I still watch it, I have never gotten tired of watching this awesome movie.

Expelled – Comedyexpelled movie picture

A high school student who got kicked out from school (Cameron Dallas), made up a plan with his brother (Marcus Johns) to make everything smooth in a way that his parents won’t be able to find out he has been expelled, he even managed to fake his exams report, his parents after seeing his results was so happy that they decided to take him on a trip for topping the class.

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Another favourite movie, I bet you if you watch this movie, you are going to repeat it countless times and will even want the lockdown to be extended.

Truth Or Dare – Horror/Thrillertruth or dare movie picture

It is a movie about a group of friends who got enticed into playing the “Truth Or Dare” game and later found out that the person who does not follow the rules or does not tell the truth would be dead in a mysterious way.

I think this is where the word “Truth or Dare” came from, you really need to watch this movie and know afterwards if you will ever play that kind of game again.

Focus – Focus – Romance/Crimefocus movie picture

Nicky (Will Smith) decided to teach Jess tricks on trade, they later ended up being in love and all of a sudden Nicky ended their relationship and travelled far away from Jess.

Three years later they both met and Jess has already become an accomplished femme fatal and was making it hard for Nicky to accomplish his missions. Another addicted movie, it is all about tricks.


Now here are the best movies (in my opinion) that you can watch on Netflix now that you are home and feeling bored.

Let me know in the comment section the movie that you are going to watch first, the one that you have watched before and if you have a favourite movie that I didn’t mention, kindly tell me so that I will also watch it.

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