British-Ghanaian serial entrepreneur Plans to establish Artificial Intelligence Center in Ghana by 2022

Ghanaian-British inventor and Chief Executive of Mymanu, Danny Manu, has hinted of establishing a research center in Ghana to help train the next generation of Ghanaian tech-entrepreneurs.

This comes after he invented a multilingual translator ‘earbud’ which has enabled him to achieve world recognition.

Speaking on the Market Place with Charles Ayitey, the serial entrepreneur, intimated the potential of Ghana becoming a tech hub if appropriate instruments of investments are maximized.

“Ghana has a bright potential of a next generational tech-revolution and this is where I see my interests. It is to train young techpreneurs in our Research and Development Center in Ghana by 2022. This is also to support the economy as well,” he stated.

Even as government recommends young graduates to start exploring avenues in entrepreneurship, Danny Manu believes the right mindset is paramount to drive change.

“It is not just about government’s intent but also the resolve of young Ghanaians to be innovators. Entrepreneurship starts and ends with the right mindset and this is of utter importance. I agree when government calls for more entrepreneurs. It speaks to the current global world of work,” he added.


Not only does Click enable users to converse efficiently in nearly 40 languages, it also allows them to call, text and read notifications from their devices.

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MyManu, the company that makes Click uses its unique operating system to make all these possible. The operating system even makes text-to-speech and speech-to-text possible. Users could communicate with nearly two billion people around the world. And they do not need to be connected to the internet before they can use the device.

Instead, the wireless Bluetooth earbuds can sync with smartphones, enabling the earbuds to learn the language being spoken whilst providing instant translations to the person listening.

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