Things to look out for when buying a new desktop computer

In this day and age, people would think that we’ve moved on from the big and chunky desktops of old to newer, cleaner, and more portable laptops. In truth, most of us have but there are a few scenarios where a desktop is better than a laptop.

With more powerful CPU’s and GPU’s, and larger screens added to the ease of removable parts gives you competitive bargain all the price of portability. To get the best out of your setup, here a few stuff to be concerned when purchasing a desktop.



A typical laptop will usually have a 15”(inches) or 16” monitors with 17” versions for gaming laptops. For desktops, since you aren’t limited by portability you can always get a wide display computer(larger than 30”).

Another big area of concern should be the resolution of the monitor. Most monitors have a 1080p resolution which is great however if you plan on using the desktop setup for a long while, a 4k monitor is best. The benefits of 4k over 1080p are numerous(more colour accurate, less saturation) but the amount of 1080p content is still greater than 4k so it can be managed but the 5G wave coming might arrive with an increase in 4k content so its best to get a 4k monitor.

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After getting a good monitor to show great content, the point of focus is shifted to input specifically a keyboard. What you intend to do with the desktop determines primarily what type of keyboard you need.


Gaming keyboards are super responsive in order to give you a boost when playing games and come with additional features (RGB lighting, multimedia keys) but look a bit chunky. Work keyboards are a bit less concerned with the performance of the keyboard and look more stylish.

The choice between wired and wireless solely depends and preference but some keyboards often offer both setups ( Logitech K80). Basically, the type, design and connection type of the keyboard solely depends on the end user’s function.


With a good keyboard must come a good mouse said no one ever. But the fact remains that a bad mouse would hamper input no matter how good the keyboard. The more ergonomic mice are pricey and are mostly used for gaming but often cause fewer stress injuries. The choice between wired and wireless again remains on the consumer.

Processing Power

After talking about peripherals we move to the perhaps the biggest difference between desktops and laptops. The core of a desktop is multifaceted and comprises of CPU, GPU/Graphics card and memory size.

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Most CPU for desktops are principally more powerful because they aren’t throttled to minimize power usage due to a constant supply.

A desktop should have more than one core to allow for to work faster. The higher number of cores allow for multitasking(each additional core offers twice the power ) and hyperthreading. An Intel Core i9 or Core X is favourable for competitive gaming while a Core i7 can be used for video editing and working.

In addition to faster CPU, a graphics card (Nvidia or AMD) is usually necessary to ensure smooth gameplay. The best graphics card to get in 2019 is Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. It costs $1449(7697 cedis) which is on the extreme end.

A budget option for 1080p gaming is AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB and costs only $200(1100 cedis). A desktop meant for working doesn’t necessarily need a graphics card.

Storage and Memory

Theoretically speaking a desktop can take up to 80TB of HDD. This sounds expensive and it is unlikely to be used to its full potential however its great to get a decent amount of storage like 4TB HDD a 1 TB SDD and 32GB of RAM to ensure seamless performance whether for work or for gaming.

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Desktops offer an alternative to laptops by offering better performance at the expense of portability and if built right can offer you a great experience.

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