Celltel’s New GH¢50m Assembly Plant Deal To Expand Ghana Smart Cities Project

Celltel Networks Limited, a member of Kludjeson International Limited Group, has signed a $5.5 million (GH¢33 million) assembling plant equipment deal with China Hainergy New Energy Corp Limited (CHNECL) as it readies to deploy its nationwide Ghana Smart Cities project.

Ghana’s $300 million Smart Cities project will set up digitally integrated urban centres across the country with digital access.

In addition to the factory building, the deal between Celltel and China Hainergy is estimated to cost about GH¢50 million.

According to Techgh24, it has sighted the agreement documents which shows that China Hainergy, a member of the Haier Group in China will supply several assembling plant equipment and devices components.

Among the plant equipment is a TV assembly line, inspecting line, packing line, clean room, LCM material area, computer and smartphone assembly line for desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphone and decoder assembling, among others.

The equipment also includes components and materials for TV, desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphone and decoders as well as labour protection products, tools and equipment.


KQ devices

Meanwhile, Celltel has already designed its line of KQ branded devices waiting to be brought to life by electronic appliances and devices giant, Haier Group.

The devices would include KQ Feature phones, KQ Smartphones, KQ tablets, KQ laptops, KQ Desktop computers and KQ televisions.

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There is at least one feature phone and four smartphone brands; four tablet brands, some of which come with detachable keyboards; six laptop brands, five Desktop computer brands, two all-in-one Android Smart TV/computer brands and a wide range of Triple Play Android TV brands.

CEO and Chairman of Celltel, Dr Prince Kofi Kludjeson told Techgh24 that the rollout of the “super-highspeed” nationwide Wi-Fi network promises to create thousands of jobs for young entrepreneurs, who would come onboard as agents in various communities and identifiable groups on a commission basis.

He said, as a prelude to its official launch, Celltel and its celebrated internationally acclaimed strategic partners and collaborators will be providing connectivity to interested clients, homes and institutions across all the 275 constituencies in the country.

“We have earmarked at least 5000 connected devices with unlimited Wi-Fi per each district to create a critical mass of users across the country,” he stressed.

Monthly subscription

According to him, the smart devices, which are on a monthly subscription basis, come with already installed Apps for a great experience, adding that the smart TV’s in particular, come with over 2000 channels covering news, entertainment, sports and digital learning for students.

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“The monthly subscription plan will be underwritten by either our approved partner banks or the customer’s own bank,” Dr Kludjeson told Techgh24.

1 million homes/institutions

Dr Kludjeson said Celltel will also aim at providing connectivity to local government offices as well as educational, health, and other public services institutions across the districts, to ensure they are able to provide services to Ghanaians smoothly.

“Celltel aims to connect at least one million homes and institutions nationwide in supporting government efforts to transform Ghana into a Digital Economy,” he stressed.

“Our computer lab division will support all schools in Ghana with computer laboratories and ICT centres to enhance online learning in Ghana amid Covid-19 pandemic challenges. Online services and e-learning and video conference platforms are part of our standard platforms,” he said.

Dr Kludjeson said Celltel is glad about establishing the factory in Ghana to assemble the KQ brand of smart devices to provide jobs to the teeming youth in the area of technology.

He is therefore calling on interested workers unions, professional unions as well as the security services, and corporate sector workers to take advantage of the packages Celltel has for them ahead of the rollout of the Ghana Smart Cities nationwide Wi-Fi project by visiting Celltel’s website.

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“Some of the professional groups who can take advantage of this opportunity are Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Tertiary Education Workers Union (TEWU), Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) and others,” he emphasized.

Hainergy GM

General Manager of Hainergy New Energy Corp., Feng Guomin, wrote to Techgh24 stated that “Celtel Networks Limited is our strategic partner in Ghana. The Ghana Smart Cities project is very exciting and promising. We will work with Celltel closely with our expertise, experience, first-class equipment and products to implement all the plans.”

He added that his company believes the Ghana Smart Cities project will be a great success, not only as a milestone of the cooperation between the two companies but also, it will contribute to the development of Ghana and also benefit Ghanaians.

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