CEO of National Youth Authority calls on startups to make use of YouthConnekt Platform in Ghana

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CEO of National Youth Authority, Sylvester Tetteh has called on startup businesses to make use of the YouthConnekt Ghana platform to enable them to gain the necessary skills to help improve their businesses.

Sylvester Tetteh explained that the platform was purposely made for entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas and also pitch their products for funding. He made this statement at a gathering of academics and young entrepreneurs to discuss the new platform launched in June 2019

He said, “Everybody has something to contribute to our society that is why we have created a platform for these young ones to be able to pitch, compete and bring their innovation to bear for policymakers to be able to support them.’’

The platform is a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiative, created to help combine physical and virtual platform for entrepreneurs to connect in the aspect of ICT, entrepreneurship, agri-business, and civic engagement.

The platform motivates young and energetic entrepreneurs to gain skills and training to promote employment, entrepreneurship opportunities, connect them with leaders and role models and to facilitate peer exchange of ideas to shape a better future for the youth.

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Support will be provided by an innovative programme which will be set up by the authority to help promote innovators businesses on the platform.

“We have a price up to about $50,000 to support young people to be able to support grow their businesses,” he said

Sylvia Senu, The Economic Analyst of UNDP, also added that they hope stakeholder’s engagement would yield expected results since the platform is multidimensional.

She said, “It has an innovation platform, it has women and gender empowerment platform, it has a skills development platform, it has opportunities or employment platform. If this platform is supported by all including businesses and the youth, it is going to open up space for opportunities for the young people themselves.’’

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