Classic Online Casino Games That Are Trending for 2020

The online casinos came into the limelight about 20 years ago, and this is occasioned by the proliferation of the internet. The huge success that the internet has experienced since its arrival is something that cannot be overemphasized, and one of the sectors that have benefited so much from this is the gambling sector. This has grown the online gambling sector into a multi-billion dollar sector, and it keeps growing as the day rolls by.

As much as the online casino system has witnessed massive volumes of innovation since its arrival, the old classic games that started the entire show are still the daring of many, and they still prefer to enjoy them. The internet is awash with a huge number of online casino games that will make your day anytime any day. But whenever you have the urge to spend some time on the classic types of games, you won’t have a problem finding one to use, and they still offer good entertainment. So, whenever you are confused about the ones to start with, you can use the list below. These are the ones that still make the headlines even in 2020.


In this game that started off with printed papers, the players are made to match some set of numbers to those on the cards they’ve been dealt. While this is still very famous on the internet presently, it has been there before the arrival of the internet. Bingo apps are available for the entire operating systems and the most popular are the iOS and Android apps for bingo games. One of the reasons why it is still the rave of the moment, even when online gambling has been there for a very long time is because it is very simple, comprehensive and easy to learn.


This is one of the first table games to be played in the brick and mortar casinos, and one of the best to be introduced into the online casinos too. Here, winning is achieved by players who succeed bearing off their checkers after shifting all of them into their home boards. Immediately the wagers are placed, the assigned shooters throw the dice into the game. There is the possibility of playing against the system here. But many people would rather play against other players. The fact that it is now played online makes it easier to find such opponents because many players now have access to the web.

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This is one of the old lottery games, and here, the players must pick 20 numbers and a wager, after being dealt cards of numbers 1 to 80. After this, the registration of the numbers is done and the caller names 20 numbers at random. The players will now match the numbers they have with the named numbers. When you succeed in matching more numbers, you win. Currently, the game pays more and offers more options to the players on the net.


Sic Bio

This originated in China. It is an ancient game that involves 3 dice, and the bet is done on the outcome of a rolled dice. After the dice are rolled, the result of the game is called. It is not a difficult game to play and that is why it is still a famous game in most of the casinos. At a single roll of the dice, players can place different bets of different amounts. However, people who want to experience new things will delve into electronic payment system like neteller.

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This is an ancient game of chance, and it is a dice game played across the entire globe. Many countries still consider it the most prestigious casino game. On the special game table, the bets are laid against the house. To indicate their bets, players drop their cash or chips on the layout they choose before the dice are rolled, and when the dice get rolled, it must hit one of the walls of the table and turn back. It comes with a complicated procedure but is very comprehensive for the players. Because it now has a live dealer version, many people enjoy it online more than at the land-based casinos.


It was in James Bond’s movies that many people got to know about this game, but it’s been there for many years. Also a game of chance, but here, the players are up against the croupier that also stands as the banker. The major aim is to land cards that the total number equals to as close to 9 as possible. If the hand gets to more than ten, they drop the ten, because it is seen as the same thing as 0 here. This game is very exciting. That’s why James Bond chose to use it in his movies, and it has survived in the online casinos to date because of the fun and entertaining nature of it.

Classic Slots

Arguably, the online slots hit the internet before all other casino games, and its popularity has also not waned a bit. On the web, an avalanche of video slots could be found, and they come with varying types of entertainment for the players. Those who would want to stick with the ancient classic fruit slots will also have them in their numbers in each casino. Because of the level of popularity of slot games, software developers still work hard to come up with new ones every other day.

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These are some of the casino games that moved from the brick and mortar houses to the internet and are still the most played online at the moment. Apart from this, players can also lay their hands on many variants of roulette, blackjack, poker and other games on the web. They are too numerous to mention. But with this article, your mind is refreshed on the issues of the most played games in the nine casino world.

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