Computer Science lecturers Receive Additional Training On research

The Computer Science Department of the Sunyani Technical University has held a day’s workshop on “Systematic Approach to Research” for lecturers in the department to, among others, boost their research skills.

Some topics treated included “Writing the Introduction and Literature Review of a Thesis”, “Writing the Methodology and Results” and “Qualitative and Quantitative Research”, among others.

Addressing the participants, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Justice Solomon Korantwi-Barimah pointed out that the main objective of universities are to educate, create knowledge and innovate; hence “the need to build the research capacity of our staff.”

He stressed that as an institution of higher learning, STU offers today’s youth the knowledge and skills they would need to acquaint themselves creditably on the job market.

“In societies with youthful populations and expanding middle classes, the demand for access to higher technical and vocational education will only continue to grow. So universities will have to negotiate the tension between increased access and sustained quality assurance. They will also be under greater pressure to ensure that the degrees and qualifications they offer are relevant to the societies they serve and that their graduates are employable.”

On generating knowledge through research, Prof. Korantwi-Barimah, proposed that “STU should aspire to be a research-intensive university that places a culture of research and freedom of inquiry at its very heart.”

“STU should place a high value on its system of supervision and small-group teaching, and we undoubtedly have extraordinary lecturers. Our students are taught and inspired by the same academics who are carrying out ground-breaking research. It is this seamless mix of research and teaching that should underpin STU’s reputation and brand, he emphasized”.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor added that another way in which the institution can contribute to society is by innovating saying, “to be useful to society, a university must put its discoveries to work. Science and technology are not the only tools for generating knowledge, but – in the right hands, under the right conditions – are also a means of powering a knowledge economy, he pointed out”.

Other speakers at the workshop were Dr. Edward Owusu a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Communication Studies and the Director of Quality Assurance Unit of the University, Dr. Benjamin Ayawli, a Senior Lecturer at Computer Science Department and the Director of International Relations as well Mr. Isaac Kofi Nti, a Lecturer and the Examinations Officer at Computer Science Department.

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