Concrete benefits of using wireless gaming mouse

The whole world is going mobile and wireless – no wires, but enhanced experiences. So why not apply this for gaming too? When you get that very idea about which is the best gaming mouse, it is the time to apply this wireless concept to gaming too – you will reap its benefits.

If you visualize your wireless mouse as additional investment, probably you are thinking narrow. A wireless gaming mouse will enhance your gaming experience much better than you could ever imagine. You will know the difference once you test uses it and will never go back to the sticking yourself to the seat and slogging with that fixed wire length of the wired mouse.

If you have been confused about which would make the best gaming mouse, this post will guide you through and let you understand why a wireless mouse would be a great addition to your gaming zone.

Terminology related to Wireless Gaming Mouse

Often we get very confused about how to compare two electronic gadgets, keeping aside the budget for some time. You need to definitely know certain terminology when you are taking up that electronic gadget into your hand and performing a comparison with another one.


Here is some terminology that you often hear when you go to a shop for purchasing a gaming mouse or reading the reviews and specifications online:

Dots per Inch (DPI): This is an index of mouse resolution. DPI is also called as Counts Per Inch. This tells you, for every inch, you move your mouse, how many pixels it covers. The higher this value, the better the sensitivity of your wireless gaming mouse. Note that this may not be the only criterion for selection of a gaming mouse though. Gaming mice anywhere between 800 and 1600dpi serve your gaming purpose absolutely well.

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Polling rate: This tells the synchrony of mouse pointer and computer. It means how good a computer updates itself with the changing position of the mouse. It is the speed at which your computer knows about the location of your mouse. For example, in the case of Windows, the polling rate is 125Hz, which means 125 times for every second, your computer knows where your mouse pointer is!

Now, unlike DPI on which you cannot solely base your selection of good gaming mouse, you can rely on the polling rate. A polling rate of 1000MHz is the recently available specification for gaming mice. You can pick one that which has this rating.

Tip to choose Mouse based on Gaming Style

Gaming styles can be broadly classified into two types depending on the range of weapons that you prefer during gaming:

  • If you are among the high sensitivity gamers or the ones who prefer close to medium quarter weapons, go for a high sensitivity gaming mouse that has claw grip. With this, you need not raise your mouse again and again and play freely over a broader range of gaming space.
  • If you love games that have low sensitivity or the ones that involve long ranges of weapon usages, pick a mouse that has a lower sensitivity. Pick a mouse that has palm grip and this helps you to enjoy a lesser moving mouse on the mousepad and you can focus entirely on gaming itself.
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Benefits of Wireless Gaming Mouse

Now that we have seen what’s and why’s of a wireless gaming mouse, we are ready now to understand how a wireless gaming mouse benefits its user.

Ergonomically Comfortable

This is the primary benefit of a wireless gaming mouse – Comfort. You need not to experience palm pain after an intense gaming session. Wireless gaming mice are designed keeping in view of your hand needs and grip suited for different gaming styles. They are designed keeping in mind that the fact that hand sizes are different for different users Though you may find such features in wired mouse too, the benefits are just more with a wireless mouse.

For the very same reason, wireless gaming mouse makes a very good choice both for gaming and non-gaming purposes too.


A gamer can have more flexibility with wireless gaming mouse in terms of customization. If you find that you need to use a particular function or key more during your gaming time, you can create a shortcut and customize your wireless gaming mouse to match that functionality.

After every customization, you can reprogram your mouse and you are ready with a new mouse setup that matches your game needs. You can also record your own instructions as a new macro and then use it as and when you want it.

Signature Tasks

Unlike a wired mouse, a wireless gaming mouse is specifically designed for its signature smooth movement of the cursor. This provides better gaming experience ultimately.

And how can we forget that freedom in the sitting position and movement, which is not imaginable with a wired mouse?

Ease of Usage

The wireless gaming mouse is specifically designed to meet many criteria that gamers may experience during prolonged gaming sessions. Their sensitivity is adjustable as per games, and functionalities can be customized. You won’t feel the discomfort of sweaty hands, as they are designed considering this factor too, which means just an enhanced gaming experience too.

Many latest gaming mice also come with features such as ease of switching between tabs, handling and managing apps, working with miscellaneous text needs, and other side functions too.

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Things to Remember

When you are opting for the wireless mouse, you should remember the following:

  • The cost of a wireless mouse would be higher than a wired mouse, obviously owing to its additional features and flexibility. But it would all be worth every penny, trust us!
  • Most wireless mice also come along with an optional cord, which you can connect and turn it into a wired one in case you feel like travelling back into time! Cool, isn’t it?
  • You may need to keep an extra pair of batteries when you are using a wireless gaming mouse. As they are not connected to the system, they need power from an outside source which is most often a pair of batteries.
  • Another interesting feature with wireless gaming mouse is that they communicate with other wireless products such as proprietary charging mats.

Just imagine a desk with no wires!! So aesthetic, isn’t it? That’s what a wireless gaming mouse enhances –aesthetic appeal. Own a wireless gaming mouse and go play that game in style, comfort and aesthetic appeal. If you need help choosing the best mouse for you, check out these gaming mouse reviews by HotRate.

So why wait? Talk to your gaming accessories provider or get in touch with online review portals of electronic gadgets, read experiences and reviews and then pick the best model in a wireless gaming mouse.

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