Coronavirus: No Charge When You Send GHS 100 And Below By Mobile Money   

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has announced that all mobile money transfers of GH¢100 and below will attract no charges from service providers effective Friday, 20th March  2020, for the next three months, subject to review.

This is part of various measures outlined by telecommunication companies to facilitate the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with the aim of helping with more efficient payments and promoting digital forms of payments, as well as to contain the impact of the Coronavirus on the Ghanaian economy.

A statement  by BoG outlined, “The Bank of Ghana has agreed with banks and mobile network operators on measures to facilitate more efficient payments and promote digital forms of payments for the next three months, subject to review, effective March 20, 2020.”

A press statement by BoG added, “All mobile money users can send up to GH¢100 for free (excluding cash out). This includes sending to a recipient on the same network, or another network via the interoperability platform.”

In addition, the daily transaction limits for users have been extended, and all mobile phone subscribers are now allowed to use their already existing mobile phone registration details to be on-boarded for Minimum KYC Account.

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Discussions are being carried out with the BoG to reduce the cost of mobile money transactions.


The telcos made the move with the expectation that more mobile money transactions by clients would take place than cash as a way of preventing the contraction of Coronavirus.

The telcos are also partnering with the Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Health, as well as the National Communications Authority (NCA) to officially announce the existing national emergency short code, 112, as the official helpline for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

They will also give free access to the Ministry of Health website and other vital websites even if clients do not have data to access.

Meanwhile, AirtelTigo has declared a discount in the use of more data for less money, as many churches and organisations have begun holding meetings online.

Now, AirtelTigo has also doubled its GH¢10 bundle from 1.5GB to 3GB.

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