Corporate Workshop On Innovation And Digital Transformation to be held

Digital Transformation has become a complex initiative for organizations due to many pain points in its process and therefore, it’s good news a Digital Journey Workshop in collaboration with DocuTech, Newgen is being held to bring together business leaders and professionals.

This event will enable them to meet, interact and exchange knowledgeable ideas on Digital Transformation and other various verticals.

The workshop will be attended based on an invite. They will be focusing on the banking, enterprise and government sectors. The speech will be given by International Innovation Leaders who will be willing to shape insight and important strategies needed to transform the next generation of Information Technology (IT) customers experiences.

An IT Manager and Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, Mr Richard Edmund Okyere-Fosu, will be the guest speaker for the workshop.

Jean Louis Faghali, Managing Director of DocuTech Ghana Limited said, ‘’ we are excited to partner with Newgen for the Accelerate Your Digital Journey Workshop. Our mission at DocuTech is to provide quality and innovative solutions for business owners and organizations. This session will allow attendees an opportunity to better understand the relevance of a connected enterprise to orchestrate, contextualize and engage with customers using a low code application platform for digital transformation.’’

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The Digital Journey Workshop will benefit attendees about future governance by moving government-centric services and leveraging the power of social and mobile computing.

He added that‘’ this exclusion serves as an opportunity for top-level management including Technology and business strategy executives and analyst, consultants and partners to explore innovating the future of their organizations.’’

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