How to Delete Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 with SafeWiper for Android

It is a well-known fact that even if you delete the data from any of your Android devices, it’s not really completely gone. What erasing the data actually does is hide it from plain sight. If you have sensitive data in your Android device that you don’t want anyone to steal because of its importance and you want to protect yourself from any kind of identity theft, you would have to overwrite your memory with zeroes and ones.

However, this task is a lot more tedious and time-consuming than it sounds.

Luckily, for people who want to completely get rid of their data, SafeWiper for Android might be the best choice since it is one of the most secure programs for wiping data. With this app, the data is erased permanently without any chance of recovery. The app overwrites each sector of your device’s storage system so that all the data is deleted and is irrecoverable.

What Is SafeWiper for Android?

SafeWiper for Android is basically a tool that lets you erase data without recovery from your phone, be it a smartphone or a tablet. The data is destroyed with a military-grade algorithm for wiping. This way, your data is almost impossible to recover even if someone uses some of the most sophisticated tools to get it back on the device.

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How to Erase Data from Galaxy S7 With Safewiper for Android

If you want to buy a new phone or you’re giving your old one away to someone, you would want to clear all the data on your old phone or any other Android device. You can follow the given steps to get rid of all the data permanently.


Step 1

The first step you would have to take is to actually download and install the SafeWiper software on your computer. Obviously, without having the program, it is very likely that if your phone gets in the hand of an expert who knows their work, they’ll be able to easily recover the data.

Once the program has been downloaded and installed, you can now use a USB cable to connect the Samsung device you possess to the computer. Enable USB debugging so that your computer would be able to recognize your device automatically.

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Step 2

This step commences once your Samsung device has been successfully recognized by the computer and the software. The program has the freedom to analyze the data present on your Samsung device. To delete the Samsung data, you can simply select the “Erase All Data” wiping mode which can be found on the main screen. The program would deeply scan all files on your Samsung, whether they exist or have been deleted.

Step 3

After scanning, you can find all the Samsung data on the computer, you need to select data that you want to delete you would be asked if you want to “Erase ”. Click on this button so that the program can start deleting the data.

Step 4

This step is mainly for security and confirming that you actually want to delete the data. You would be required to type “Erase” in the box provided and select the security levels given.

Step 5

Select the security levels given. There are three different security levels, ranging from a low level to medium level and high level. Each of these levels has its own algorithm that is used to wipe the data completely. You need to understand what each level will do and select the appropriate one accordingly.

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Step 6

This step is more like wait and relax. The process might take quite some time, so you would have to make sure that the device stays connected to the computer so that the process isn’t disrupted. Once the process has been completed, your device would be as good as new.

Now, you can sell or give away your old phone without having to worry about your identity theft or any other problem regarding your private data. Safewiper for Android is a powerful data eraser tool that can erase text messages, contacts, pictures videos and other data from Samsung without recovery.

You can get more information from Safewiper’s official website.

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