Dext Technology Supports Schools To Develop Small Tech To Fight COVID-19

Tech firm, Dext technology has trained some teachers in the Ashanti Region to build a preventive mechanism to help fight the spread of Covid-19 in schools.

The training involves the use of science sets to build a hand-washing system to fight coronavirus.

The science set comes in small boxes to ease the learning of science in schools.

Dext technology, producers of science sets are changing the narrative of learning science.

The company is making the teaching and learning of science easier by affording students the platform to experiment with science tools.

The workshop for 48 teachers from 24 schools in the Ashanti region is a collective effort to fight the spread of covid-19.

Caleb Fugah is a representative of Dext technology.

“The workshop is basically about a collective academic effort to fight the spread of coronavirus. The whole project looks at the disease, the spread, the causes, and how to prevent it in a project base lesson activity.
The teachers are currently being trained on how to use the science set to build a COVID 19 system which involves not touching any surface”, he assured.

“Touching the taps could lead to the spread of coronavirus and at the very heart of this project, we want to actually turn the narrative of the opening of schools to be a blessing. Through this project, children will become agents of change in the society where they admonish their parents to put on their facemask. We are seeing coronavirus as a big advantage for as to introduce practical lessons to pupils,” he pointed out.

The company is working with an innovators’ handbook, co-authored by Veronica Bekoe.

The innovators’ handbook, coupled with the science set, will help students to develop new skills to fight the spread of coronavirus in schools. We’re working with a content called the innovators’ handbook which was co-authored by Veronica Bekoe, the woman who introduced the first Veronica bucket thirty years ago.

“The innovators’ handbook coupled with a tool called the science set will help students to develop the needed 21st-century skills to fight the spread of coronavirus in our schools. This is the first academic content book which is looking holistically at coronavirus in our school space. The workshop was sponsored by Hon. Martin Opoku Prempeh, member of parliament for Manhyia South constituency to improve on the practical aspect of teaching and learning in our schools” Caleb Fugah noted.

Dext company produces of science set is making science more practical for students.

The set can be used for over thirty practical science lessons in Ghana.

Vincent Gyamfi is one of the trainers.

‘’The science set can be used for over 30 practical science lessons which are all from the science curriculum in Ghana. The workshop is to give the teachers an insight into what the set to assist pupils to innovate things to solve societal problems” he emphasized.

Some teachers are confident the training will ease the teaching of science.

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