Do You Know The Seven Ways People Can Spy The Ip Address? Let’s Find Out More!

If you feel like some related or unrelated advertises, banners, and emails incidentally display in your screen, then I’m sorry to say that your IP address may be spied! It is not rare in recent years. However, some of the people like you don’t even know that someone is tracking your IP address. Do you feel annoyed or uncomfortable with this? If yes, then here are the seven most popular ways to spy the IP address to prevent yourself from being tracked. Check it now!

Everything about 192 168 1.1 IP Address you should know.

Why do people want to know your IP address?

# They want to know where you are.

Nowadays, the internet has been exploding and resulting in the development of e-commerce. People go shopping online much more than ever before, from wherever they are such as New York, Boston, Beijing, England, etc. The question is: where do buyers actually locate?

Some people fill the order form with “Paris, Venice, and other European areas”, but it turns out that they are living in Singapore, Korean, or China. To know exactly where a person surfs the Internet and goes shopping online, you have to access his/her IP address, which is the only way.

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Knowing the actual location of the buyers helps companies make their specific advertising, sales campaigns, and other strategies to develop the business in the targeted areas. There are more purposes of acquiring the buyers’ location and here they are.


# They want to know more than just the place

When people access your IP address, they will have some vital information, such as:

  • Your hometown, your city of living
  • Your country you are currently in
  • IMPORTANTLY! Your profile: email, social accounts, interests, hobbies, and behaviors.

If you are a marketer, knowing customers’ insights is the key to almost everything. You can make an advertising campaign more accurate, efficient, and better while increasing the revenue substantially.

Besides, with your IP address, an online forum could block or permit your access. To build a strong and solid community, an administrator of a forum releases terms and conditions that every member has to follow. If someone breaks the rules, they will be banned or restricted. Acquiring the IP address will allow that administrator to do this.

In brief, people can take advantages of acquiring your IP address and from now on, you should be aware of this problem. So how do people get your IP address? Below are the seven most common ways to spy IP address from Internet users. Let’s go into details!

11 Ways to spy IP address of Internet users

# 1, Using your computer or smart devices

Someone could get into your IP address when they secretly use your computer, cell phone, or tablet. They could go to for your necessary information such as your country, your province, your hostname, and your device’s system.

# 2, Using your wireless network (Wi-Fi device)

If your Wi-Fi is free or has no security, everyone can access your wireless network. Then, they can check your IP address in network properties. Visitors to your house or your places may also know your IP address when you give them the password and let them access your Wi-Fi system.

# 3, Using the email HTML bug

Don’t you worry too much! It is not a severe virus or bug that can harm your computer or system. It is a kind of codes that hides into an image of your received email. If you click on this image or only open the email, the bug will provide the sender your IP address. There are now some companies or agencies which offer this service to users or other companies for more purposes.

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# 4, Getting the IP address of users from web server logs

Whenever you access a website, your IP address is left there. In other words, an IP address is what you need to go to the Internet and use the website. Then, what will happen? That website will have lots of IP addresses when the amount of access is huge and now, they can seek and filter any IP address from web-server computers.

# 5, Using social media

This is one of the most popular ways that people use to get your IP address, but most of the users are not aware of this problem. By clicking on a link, an ad, or an attractive article, your IP address will be captured easily. The trick is simple, too. They create some funny ads that attract you based on your hobbies, interests, behaviours, and insights.

# 6, Using the Internet Forum

Do you know why an administrator in an online forum can block you from commenting, reading, or viewing the posts? Because he/she knows your IP address.

As I said before, knowing someone’s IP address allows you to block them from doing something on your website or blog. The administrator knows your IP address and of course, he/she has the right to do everything with your accounts, even to ban you.

# 7, Using websites which could create trackable links

This sounds wider and broader because it is the root for everything: a website that creates traceable links. When someone clicks on this website (or link), it will capture your IP address and send back to its owners. This website can be spread out via email, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Website

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How to protect your IP address from being spied?

Recently, when Facebook has been accused of tracking and thieving basic information of users, we find it difficult to protect our personal information. It is nearly impossible to hide our profile while we are using social media or even email. So, what do we do with an IP address?

There is a popular way to hide your actual IP address, which is to create a fake IP address. This address is called “Virtual Private Network” or just a VPN. Why is it necessary? It is free, online, and allows you to surf the Internet through a different IP address. It’s like a mask to cover your actual ones.


If you agree with me that the Internet is a place of both opportunity and risk, then you will also agree that our information is the most precious in this place. With our private information such as insights, behaviours, and location, companies can use it for their advertising strategies, sales campaigns, and other beneficial purposes. As a reason, people want to know your IP address.

Above are the seven most common ways to spy the IP address. Now, you are aware of the problem and able to protect yourself from being tracked or spied.

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