5 Electronic Hardware Items You May Not Know You Need

In the modern world, everyone is looking for a way to make life easier, more efficient and less costly. Whether it’s in the house or at the office, technology has undoubtedly streamlined many of our tasks enabling us to handle complex activities in a matter of minutes. However, with the constant technological innovations that occur daily, it’s very easy to miss out on some cool gadgetry that may assist you in some tasks. Below we share five useful electronic hardware items that can be used for various kinds of work.

  1. Network Interface Controller

Also known as a network interface card, this item can be the difference between your computer connecting to a local wifi hotspot or not. A network interface controller is also what enables your computer to communicate over a computer network in your workplace hence enabling you to share files with your fellow employees. Having a network interface card is therefore essential especially in this modern world where communication is very vital.

  1. Embeddable System on a chip (SoC)

For those electronics enthusiasts interested in developing reliable electronic systems, this is an essential item to have in your possession. A system on a chip is basically a hardware development platform that integrates all the vital components of a computer such as processors, input/ output ports, signal processing functions and a wide array of hardware interfaces. This circuit is more robust and energy efficient compared to the traditional motherboard-based architecture. One of the best embeddable System on a chip is the Xilinx zynq development platform that integrates a wide array of electronic components that is ideal for the development of a vast variety of systems and embedded applications.

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  1. Variable power supplies

Regular power supplies deliver the required electrical current that our home or office electronic equipment require to function. But variable power supplies do more. They not only deliver the essential power load but also control the amount of that power that is being delivered to the equipment. This ensures the equipment operates at the right power conditions and that they are protected from random power spikes and falls.

  1. Multitouch display shield

This is an intuitive touchscreen display for designers with an embedded microprocessor for performing complex graphics processing tasks. This display shields also come with useful programming libraries that enable the designer to draw graphics and buttons and easily check if they have been pressed or locate the position of the user’s fingers.

  1. In-circuit debuggers

For electrical equipment designers, it can be frustrating to build a motherboard from scratch and then find out that it doesn’t function as intended. This is what motivated the development of an in-circuit debugger. This powerful electronic tool enables real-time debugging of firmware and hardware in microcontroller-based systems hence enabling faster production of these systems.


Overall, electronic hardware items are at the core of most technological products today ranging from computers, smartphones, medical equipment and so on. Leveraging the capabilities of these hardware components can help designers come up with powerful and life-changing products for the masses.

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