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Women have successfully moved into the tech industry and are gradually becoming icons to be emulated; opening doors, urging others to come in. We wouldn’t say that the tech industry is an entirely masculine field anymore because we can see, although not as glaring as we want it to be, that more and more women are taking up managerial and productive roles in the industry.

Case in point, Wendy Zenone: former aesthetician, wife and mother of one; now Senior Security Engineer at Netflix. Wendy quit her job as an aesthetician and decided to learn to code at the age of 38. Also, Martha Schumann, a software engineer at Uber who taught herself to code after college.

In Africa, we can look at Farida Bedwei, CTO of Logiciel who has over 15 years’ experience in the development and implementation of mobile and enterprise software; Patricia Obo-Na, CEO of Vodafone Ghana who is an engineer by profession with 22 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications, Estelle Akofio-Sowah, Country Lead of Google Ghana and many more women ensuring women have a seat at the round table in the tech world.

To maintain our seat, we need to constantly build on our skills, keep learning and also get more women to learn to code with the aim of building solutions. Only then can we be heard and our value is seen; for value is the one thing that validates and reserves a seat for us in management; not gender.

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This is why we are inspired to empower women in tech through the Women Who Code program. To further this, we are giving one free slot in our training program every time one woman pays for the course. (Know a woman who can benefit from this? Share this article with her!) The Women Who Code program aims to build a community of women in the industry providing training, professional evaluations, mentorship, scholarships, business support, employment opportunities and meetups specifically for women. Every woman who joins has access to all our training, resources, slack community, online materials, leadership opportunities, job and business support.

Our first training cohort sets sail on the 14th of September 2019 introducing the basics of website and mobile app development and covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python including some frameworks like Bootstrap and React. Read more about the training program here: www.codewit.co/womenwhocode

You can also call 0277667561/ 0546880898 for more information on the program and how to join. Let’s build a community that empowers women to improve their skills and bring value to the table! Share this with a woman!

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