EOCO Advises: Don’t click on supposed link to bank account/Ghana card

The Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) has forewarned people against internet links implying they associate their Ghana cards with their bank accounts.

It requested that they check with their banks prior to undertaking such exchanges.

A public statement endorsed by Faustina Lartey, Head of the Public Affairs Unit of EOCO, requested that the public report any dubious SMS, email, or call to their banks for guaranteed activity.

“The Economic and Organised Crime Office has noticed with great concern the rate at which some members of the public have fallen victim to fraudulent banking transactions. Fraudsters have taken advantage of the ongoing call on customers of banks to link their accounts to their Ghana Card.”

“Regarding the bank frauds, fraudulent messages are sent to individuals requesting them to click on links in order to update their bank records,” it added.

It said clients would then be expected to give the accompanying subtleties: bank account numbers, cell phone numbers, mobile App PIN, and One Time Password (OTP).


“Some daring fraudsters even make phone calls to members of the public to request the aforementioned information.”

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It has, hence, cautioned the public not to click on such connections on the grounds that their banks could never ask them for passwords, PIN or OTP and that they ought to report such messages when gotten.

“EOCO, in line with its mandate to prevent and detect organized crime, will continue to monitor developments with fraudulent banking transactions with the view to ensure that citizens are protected from fraudsters,” it stated.

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