eSports Federation Of Africa Launched With Mandate To Represent African Gamers

The Electronic Sports Federation of Africa has launched with the approval to become the representative body for esports and gaming in Africa.

The organisation hopes that the lack of participation by African gamers in global eSports tournaments has been due to the lack of such a body representing gamers. Because of this ESFA has representatives from 27 countries (according to their site) on the continent with 4 of the following founders; Douglas Ogeto (Kenya), Kwesi Hayford (Ghana), Thomas Arnold Phiri (Zimbabwe) Emmanuel Oyelakin (Nigeria).

ESFA goals
Foster brotherliness and unity across Africa using esports as a positive tool of engagement.

Using esports as a positive tool to deal with socio-economic problems for the African youth who make up the vast majority of the continent’s population. Developing the esports ecosystem in Africa and enable it to achieve global recognition.

Have esports officially recognized as a medal event at the Africa Games (AG), Africa’s own Olympic.

Additionally, the President of WESCO eSport Daniel Cossi gave ESFA a cosign – something essential at a time when eSports federations sprout up at any time headed by anyone.


The world eSports Consortium President had this to say about the recently launched ESFA, “We now have our great friends, putting together a structure for a sustainable and standardized system in Africa. The Esports Federation of Africa will be with WESCO and the Pan American Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), one of the greatest esports ecosystems worldwide, and united, we will make it happen. We will bring sustainability, educational and social inclusion and development using esports as a tool for achieving these.”

Moreover, he said, “All of us at WESCO are more than happy to embrace the Esports Federation of Africa together with the Pan American Esports Confederation in our ecosystem. Together, this family will grow big and make history.”

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