Ethiopian Gov’t Resumes Internet Service

The Ethiopian Government on Tuesday resumed Internet services after shutting for two weeks following the killing of popular Singer Hachallu Hundessa.

The Government shuts the Internet to stop the murdering of innocent people by angry supporters of the Artist, who are allegedly led by opposition Oromo activists and politicians. Within hours after the killing of Artist Hachallu in Addis Ababa, the protesters have launched an attack on public properties and commenced killing and displacing hundreds of people in some parts of Oromia Region of Ethiopia.

Police report reveals that so far over 160 people are killed in some towns of Oromia such as Shashemene, Batu (Ziway), Arsi, and Bale among others. After shutting the Internet the Government of Ethiopia has arrested the individuals involved in shooting the Artist and instigating unrest that led to the death of innocent people and destruction of private properties worth tens of millions of dollars.

Among those in jail include Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba of the Oromo Federalist Congress party, who were apprehended during the confrontation with the police in Addis Ababa following the death of the Artists that led to the death of one police officer. The police officer was reportedly killed by one of the eight men armed with machine guns to protect Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, according to Police report.

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