Everything to Look for In A Gaming Phone

Mobile gaming wasn’t always taken seriously. These days, it’s the most common gaming means out there. To ensure you get the best gaming experience, you’ll have to choose a proper phone to game on. How do you do this, exactly? With our guide by your side. We’ve run through 8 important things to look for. 

A Powerful Processor

To be a gaming phone, the mobile device has to have a powerful processor. A lot of gaming mobiles come with Snapdragon chips. Gaming phones are known to rock processors that flagships have. 

When buying a gaming phone, one of the best processors to look for is the Snapdragon 855 chip. It’ll give you a CPU that can handle anything. 

RAM plays a huge part in how thorough your gaming experience will be. You want a phone that has a lot of it. The best gaming mobiles come with over 8 gigs. 

High levels of RAM are important as they mean your phone has to load from its flash memory. This ultimately means you’ll be handling more extensive graphics. 

A Vivid Display

Gaming can get very immersive. Apps like Asphalt 8 have spectacular graphics, which is why you need to invest in a phone that will bring it to life. 

There are many types of screen outs there, but the best would be AMOLEDs. They produce some of the most vivid colours on the market. What’s best about them is that they’re available in cheaper gaming phones too. 

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It shouldn’t just have a vivid display, you need one that is sharp. Sharp displays make your viewing experience better as details would pop out of your screen. Anything with over 1080 Ps would do the trick. 

A phone that has a lot of bezel won’t offer the most immersive gaming experience. To ensure you get the least bezels, look for a gaming mobile that has a high screen-to-body ratio. 

A Buttery Screen 

Regular phones come with 60Hz screens. This is one of the reasons why they’re not ideal for gaming. You need a phone that has a high refresh rate as it would translate to smoother graphics. 

Refresh rates are huge in PC gaming. These days, phone manufacturers have jumped onto the trend, making their gaming devices have great refresh rates too. 

120 HZ is where it’s at. However, getting a phone that comes with a 90 HZ rate would be good too. 

A Large Battery

When gaming on a computer, you’ll never have to worry about its battery dying. Your phone doesn’t have this luxury. Depending on what you’re playing, its battery could drain considerably. 

The best gaming mobiles have batteries that are over 5000 mAhs. As they have such huge batteries, you can expect them to last over 2 days with regular use. 

Although their batteries are huge, they’re going to run out of charge at some point. Gaming phones worth your time come with very fast chargers. The ASUS ROG II comes with a 30 W one, which takes it around an hour and a half to fully charge. 

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An Effective Cooling System 

If you’ve ever played PUBG for hours on end, you’d notice how hot your device would get. Remember that gaming mobiles aren’t like regular ones. They’re made to combat the inconveniences of mobile gaming. Unfortunately, one of the major problems with gaming on mobiles is that they heat up easily. 

Manufacturers have effectively tackled this by including cooling systems into gaming phones. You’ll usually find a water system that can cool it down. However, there are some gaming devices with fans inside, just like a PC. 

As you can imagine, how expensive your phone is will affect how effective its cooling system would be. 

Affordable Prices

Speaking of prices, these phones tend to be expensive. This is due to how beastly they are. They’re certainly investments as you can use them for all sorts of things, not just gaming. 

Try and save the most when buying a gaming phone. This may seem difficult, but it’s not. You can do this by waiting for Cyber Monday as tech gadgets usually sells at a fraction of their original price. 

Don’t forget that the internet is your friend. You don’t have to look far to find a great gaming phone. Sites like Converged Devices exist and they offer buying guides for all kinds of budgets. 

You can also pick up a used gaming mobile, but this might not sound appealing to you. 

A Good-Looking Phone 

Although this is not as important as the other points, you should look for a gaming phone that looks good. Not only do the devices come with beefed-up specs, but manufacturers have designed them in such a way that they replicate gaming PCs. 

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Take a look at the Shark 3 PRO. Its back lights up similar to a CPU. 

Mobile gamers take the appearance of their phones seriously, which is why the material the rear is made from is important. It should be something high-quality. You don’t want your device to look cheap, do you? 

The material is important as it influences how hot it gets too. High-quality polycarbonates deal with heat very well. 

A Big Phone

The bigger the phone is, the better. You’ll have a massive display to game on, which would make your viewing experience better. Although size matters, make sure the phone isn’t too big. It might not fit in your hands, which would make gaming uncomfortable.

A gaming phone is much better than a regular one. It makes your gaming experience easier. The extent of its features would greatly influence this. You need a phone that comes with a vivid, AMOLED display. 

It should also be sharp. Let’s not forget that batteries are important as well. No matter how great its screen is, the phone would be useless if it dies quickly. With these tips in mind, don’t spend too much on one. A good gaming phone might cost quite a bit, which is why you should wait for sales. 

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