Expert Hints Of Ghana Carrying Out Elections Digitally

In spite of the disadvantages that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the world, the virus has also presented us with several opportunities.

One of such innovations that can possibly change the election landscape of Ghana is the introduction of a digital voting system as asserted by Eli Daniel Wilson, the Head of Digital Media and Innovations at Global Media Alliance (GMA).

Speaking in a Webinar Series dubbed ‘The Influence of Digital Media on 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections amidst COVID-19’, Eli stressed, “We can actually talk about our acceptance of using digital media for all activities”.

“Today in all organizations and countries worldwide including Ghana, we can boldly say using digital media has become the new norm that everyone and every organization is embracing.”

“This is very evident in the ongoing 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary campaigns amongst political parties in the country. Most political parties have taken advantage of the pandemic to reach their audience using digital media and this seems to be going very well for them.”

“When asked if Ghanaians can consider using a digital voting system in the near future, Eli answered in the affirmative, “Yes, it is highly possible and we can consider digital voting”.


The digital strategist indicated that various countries in Europe are already using the electronic voting system and the practice will soon reach the shores of Ghana.

He further pointed out that this can help pave new opportunities for politicians and also simplify the voting process for the voter.

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