5 Key Factors to Choose the Right Video Editing Software

To put it simply the best way to choose the ‘right’ video editing software is to select one based on your needs. The fact of the matter is that nowadays video editors come in so many shapes and sizes, and a more expensive editor may not necessarily be the right one for you to use.

That is why instead of just buying the most expensive editor that you can afford, you should look at a few key factors when making your decision:

  • User experience

Top of the list should be the user experience that the editor provides. If you’re new to editing or a relative beginner, you should look for an editor that has a user-friendly approach. On the other hand, if you’re more experienced you may want to consider editors designed for professionals.

Looking at examples a good user experience could help you to know what you need to watch for.

  • Budget

The budget that you can afford will determine the type of editor you can use. Typically there are free or cheap editors that can be user-friendly but have limitations in terms of their features. On the other hand, the more full-featured editors or semi-pro versions will cost several hundred.

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On the high end of the spectrum are the fully professional products that could cost a couple of thousand.

  • Input and export formats

Although this factor is often overlooked – it is important that you choose an editor that supports the input and export video formats that you want to work with. That is especially the case if you’re working with older cameras that may use somewhat outdated formats, or if you need to export it in a particular format.

  • Editing features

As far as editing features go, you should simply look for software that has the features you think you’ll need. Most editors will have the basic set of tools to cut, trim, crop, rotate, add audio, and maybe apply transitions and a few other visual effects.

Some more advanced editors may have other features such as multi-track support, advanced special effects, advanced audio editing features, and so on.

  • Support and upgrades
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Try to make sure that the editor that you choose has a good track record when it comes to customer support as well as upgrades. Both are likely to be important at some stage or other.

Before you decide on an editor, see if there’s some way you can try it out and put it through its paces – such as a free trial. For example, you could experiment and learn how to speed up a video with Movavi Video Editor to get a sense of how user-friendly it is.

All said and done if you choose an editor based on your needs, you’re more likely to be able to use it easily – and find it more useful as a result. Ultimately that should be your goal: To find an editor that does what you need it to, with the least hassle involved.

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