Fidelity Bank Introduces Ghana’s-First Global Payments Innovation For Safer International Payments

Fidelity Bank Ghana, a leading Ghanaian bank, has collaborated with SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services to adopt Global Payments Innovation (GPI) service, making cross-border payments faster and easier for clients.

The industry-first initiative will enable real-time tracking of cross border payments by Fidelity Bank customers as well as providing end-to-end traceability to facilitate accuracy on the status of cross-border remittances.


Edward Opare-Donkor, Deputy Managing Director, Operations and Support Functions of Fidelity Bank Ghana, said, “We are proud to be the first bank in Ghana to adopt SWIFT’s GPI service to provide additional value to our customers. This high-valued service will improve our customers’ ability to track cross-border payments or transactions in real-time, with maximum transparency.”

“Nearly 50% of all GPI payments are credited to end-users within 30 minutes and over 90% within 24 hours,” he said. “SWIFT GPI provides tracking capability with its unique end-to-end transaction reference (UETR) code, he emphasized.”

Aaron Ameyaw, Head, Corporate & Transactional Banking Operations, Fidelity Bank Ghana, said, “The adoption of the SWIFT GPI service demonstrates our dedication to innovation and providing customers with bespoke digital solutions in banking transactions. The GPI service will improve the payment experience of our clients, providing them smooth, safe, secure and friction-free transfers.”

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Olivier Lens, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, SWIFT said “Since its launch, SWIFT GPI has been widely adopted as the new norm in cross-border payments by the global financial community, dramatically improving customer experience. SWIFT GPI will enable Fidelity Bank Ghana to provide increased speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking to its customers.


As we pursue our journey to promote trust and reliability of cross border payments, we continue to develop value-added services on top of GPI to make cross-border payments as fast, seamless, secure, cost-efficient and accessible as domestic payments.”

Fidelity’s partnership with SWIFT forms part of the Bank’s “Together We’re More” brand promise that views success as a collaborative effort between itself, customers and the general public. Truly, Fidelity has shown that by working together with their clients, they can collectively achieve greater things.

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