Fifteen Female Developers to Follow on Instagram

Women are known for the ability to complete lots of tasks. However, coding or knowing JavaScript is not the thing they are perfect at (yet). Female developers occupy a niche of only 11% out of the whole capacity.

For some reason, women strongly hesitate to enter technical faculties of coding and development, thus creating a major gender gap. But, of course, universities already found a way to cope with this problem, engaging more ladies to work in this serious, yet fun field.

There have been plenty of posts, created under the hashtag #codelikeagirl on Instagram and Twitter as of lately. And we are proud to present some of the female development pros. They are worth following and sharing! (Maybe you will find a developer on Eastern European women dating website?)

  1. programm.r

Robin Sylber is a computer scientist from Washington, DC. She is also a co-host of The Programmer ToolBox podcast. Robin says that programming, in fact, requires so much creativity because you should be able to find various solutions while managing a task. She started her Instagram page to showcase her life as a computer engineer, but it later evolved into her own brand.

  1. Tamarajohanna_
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Tamara works for Salesforce and specializes in their Marketing Cloud Platform. She does all the consulting, writes code, and works with enablement and tech innovation. Besides that, she runs a blog about being a professional yet happy and well-balanced person.

  1. the1337beauty

Andrea is a cloud engineer and a female programmer. She advocates for women in the field of development. Besides that, she became Miss Kentucky in 2012 and 2016. What a versatile creator!

  1. bigdatagal

Lillian is a tech business coach, a developer, and a data professional. She runs her business for 6 years and shares all the essentials on the Instagram blog.

  1. mywebdevgirl

Amanda Bourgeois is a self-taught website designer from Longmont, CO. She talks about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 on her blog.

  1. iamgorecka

Magdalena Górecka is an engineering manager, a UX designer, and Web Developer from Poland.

  1. Lenora.porter

This dark-skin beauty is a co-founder of Dev.Noir. She specializes on UX, UI, and Front-end code.

  1. thecatcode

A digital developer from Seoul. Follow her along the #100daysofcode journey.

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Marie Filbs works as a developer in Atlanta and constantly encourages young girls to go tech and explore the coding field to the fullest!

  1. mehrnoosh.geek

Mehrnoosh Dashti is a front-end developer. She expresses a strong belief that women in tech can do anything – you just have to believe in it. Mehrnoosh gets rid of a stereotype that a woman can’t code for sure.

  1. msbrandymorgan

Brandy is a tech influencer, a developer and a designer. She also teaches how to become a better developer and how to build useful projects.

  1. st0rmtrooperx

Melissa is a software developer from Canada. She is a huge video games fan and a salesforce developer for now. Melissa shares her secrets, day plans and impressions via her Instagram blog.

  1. thecodingirl

Erika Gutierrez is a developer from Bogota, Colombia. She found her passion in computer engineering, and now she shares essentials tips and tricks on how to achieve these results.

  1. codingblonde

Masha is a beautiful blond developer from Denver. She also has a YouTube channel where she explains specifics of being a developer.

  1. estefanniegg
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Estefannie is a software engineer and a learning electrical engineer, and she spends a lot of time on the Internet, sharing all of her secrets on how to improve yourself, being a female in tech.

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