Follow the news with RSS feed. How to do this?


News junkies, you’re most likely familiar with the fatigue stemming from news oversaturation. If you’re committed to staying up to date with every story, you intimately know the exhausting effort that goes into this. News media shows no sign of stopping, so it’s time to work smarter not harder.

Declutter your digital diet, reinvigorate your mind, and enjoy healthy focus once again with RSS.


What RSS feed actually means?

You might not know about RSS, but you have seen it out in the wild.


Every new tweet from your favorite celebrity in your feed? Every new video from your favorite creator in your YouTube subscriptions? New podcast episodes on iTunes? All this is made possible because RSS existed first.

RSS or ‘Real Simple Syndication’ is a protocol that allows end-users to receive the content of any site without having to go to the site in question, but instead, view them in an RSS feed reader.


Why use it for reading the news?

RSS is built for reading news. Especially now as the news landscape knows no rest and headlines pop up every few seconds. No one can keep up with the volley at its current pace – certainly not across more than one platform or publication.

Trust RSS to consolidate your sources and restructure your reading to your needs.

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Discover content you care about

RSS isn’t only a passive tool for content consumption, but also boasts excellent search. Admit it. Searching on Google sometimes gives you wildly differing results and information from blogs and comments and forum posts that are hardly credible or irrelevant.

Turn to internal search on RSS feed readers. Inoreader shrinks down the potential results to only sites that have been indexed in its database.

Receive valuable news mix 

An unfortunate effect of online behavior is being at the absolute mercy of algorithms. It’s a well-known fact Facebook, Twitter, and even Google tailor content on their feeds and search results based on interests, previous engagement, political leanings, and beliefs. Without realizing it, you’re slowly being pushed into an echo chamber that inadvertently shrinks. It’s how YouTube has been so effective in radicalizing the alt-right.

RSS readers trust that you know what you want to read and give you full control. It’s that simple. Follow news sources that cater to your tastes and even supplement news and commentary from sources you don’t agree with to gain a deeper understanding of a breaking story.

Receive news from trusted sources 

Social media thrives on misinformation sadly. Even people you trust can fall prey to websites that are designed to look and feel like a legit publication and spread fabricated stories. With RSS, you choose the sources and enjoy airtight protection against misleading titles and clickbait circulating in social circles.

How to set up an RSS feed reader? 

To have an effective RSS experience, a solid strategy is a must. What do you want to read? Where do you want your news to come from? What do you absolutely not want to see in your dashboard? These are all questions important just as it’s important to know what RSS feed reader works best for you.

Choose the sources you want to receive information from

When we talk about sources we’re not limiting the term to news sites. No, news now comes from a number of places – newsletters, Facebook, Twitter. Social media is particularly useful if you want to follow a single voice whether that’s a politician or a journalist. In that sense, RSS readers are useful as you’re able to turn just about any URL into an RSS feed.

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Even within major news networks, users can choose a category of news (health) and then further narrow down this preference by subscribing to a specific tag (COVID-19).

Set up your own filters and rules for using 

Filters are perhaps the best tool to give you control over how you process new headlines. Users can specify their preferences as to what news they want to receive or exclude from their feeds and automate research in a meaningful way.

Advanced RSS readers enable you to curate content beyond basic subscriptions. Inoreader can get you headlines from any feed you want on any subject based on what keywords you use. You can restrict incoming posts to a specific topic such as coronavirus vaccination rates or you can exclude a developing story altogether.

Inoreader is particularly useful when it comes to following a breaking story because multiple news sites tend to cover the same thing with little variation. Reduce the number of articles echoing each other with Duplicate filters.

Subscribe and integrate it with other applications

Spurred on by the 24/7 news cycles, news sites cycle through dozens, if not hundreds of headlines per day and it’s easy to lose an important article in the feed. RSS feed readers have thought about such problems and you will find integrations with applications such as Evernote and OneNote that help you save articles with a click of a button. Inoreader has native support for these alongside Pocket, Google Drive and Dropbox, giving end-users the full breadth of options.

If your job relies on a heavy social media presence, you’d be surprised how easy it is to integrate social media profiles with RSS readers so you can post relevant articles without having to leave your dashboard. An added bonus is removing the temptation to check your interactions and DMs.

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However, most powerful of all is the capabilities of RSS in conjunction with automation services like IFTTT and Zapier. User-submitted commands unlock further possibilities when it comes to how you receive, filter, save and share articles whether it’s on social media or messaging apps.

Enjoy the best content every day 

That’s it. You’ve gotten your settings just right. You’ve added all-important subscriptions. You’ve decided on the subjects most relevant to you. All that’s left is to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

RSS handles the rest and gives you live updates the moment they’re published, so you have a real-time stream in your dashboard.

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