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    Pls l want to know of how to start the process of my biometric birth certificate.


    Right now, you can not apply for it online.


    Have been asking my parents for my birth certificate,but Everytime am told it with my later dad….lol🤣
    And now I need to register for identification card,which requires a birth cert…so I want to know if I can get it back by myself….especially doing it online….I really need it


    if it’s not possible to register online..pls. I need the address to the office where I can get back my Birth certificate…


    Hi Mary. Basically any of the birth and death registry near you or a big Government hospital.


    I need my own birth certificate to purchase


    You have to go the nearest Birth and Death registry in your locality.


    Please I have biometric birth certificate but it rain on it which makes it weak I need replacement what should I do


    You can visit the birth and death registry and a replacement will be made for you.


    Please i have a new job that require my birth certificate. Also its missing. So please how do i get a copy online to print


    I did the biometric Birthcert for 2months this and it hasn’t come yet


    Kindly go to your local birth and death registry to follow up.






    I want to get birth certificate

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