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    Hi, this is simple. Kindly make a copy and add the S to it. When submitting, submit the new copy. If you face problems (unlikely), just show them the first copy.


    Hello.. Please what happens when you unfortunately don’t make it to your appointment on the scheduled date?


    No worries. Kindly sign in again. The system will allow you reschedule.


    Pls I bought the online form and went for my picture….I went back the day I was asked to come but they told me the machine has not picked my number but everything else is fine so they will send me a message with the number to come collect my passport but it’s been 2weeks already…wat do I do


    Hello Priscilla. I would advise that you go back to the office for clarifications. I, however, don’t understand what you meant by “the machine has not picked your number”.


    please I have already submitted my appointment letter but I forget to go with my student ID and I was told to bring it the following day but when I went there on the morrow they said I have to book another date on the site, actually I was told I would see “rebook” on the page in-between “pending and history” but I just cannot see anything like that on the page. what do I do now


    To rebook, kindly sign into the portal. Go to my applications, click on the current application and an option would come for you to rebook.


    In the online application, under status, there are some stages that displays the processes which the application has gone through. What does the ‘queried’ means? Does it mean there’s a problem with the documentations or any other issue? If yes will they notify to come and make the necessary corrections?


    Mr Isaac how can i change my occupation on the passport form i apply online my mom is a chef so is chef part of formal work and does it require an offer letter for a job as a chef.


    if you re-book should the witness endorse the form again.


    Please I made a mistake on the witness part on the online application.How do I correct it?


    Mr Isaac, I am an accountant by profession so that’s what I filled in the field “profession” but I am currently unemployed, so I can’t get an ID or an introductory letter. Please what do I do.


    I have already completed and printed out the form


    please i made a mistake with my date of birth when filling the online form ,thus instead of 4 september 1982 i wrote 4 september 1882.i received the passport and the wrong date of birth was used,what should i do to rectify it.thank you


    hello Evans, kindly visit the Passport Application Centre and explain your situation. They will help you rectify it.

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