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    You submit all documents on the day of your appointment at the Accra Passport Application Centre (PAC).


    Hello, how different is the express from the regular? And does it really work?


    Yes, online passport application works. As the name suggests, Express or expedited is faster than the normal application.


    Can I get my passport in 3 days?


    With the online passport application,i learnt is only in Accra that you can book an appointment to complete the registration process. How true is it?


    Please I did applied for passport. But could not fine the code given to me for retrieval. Is there anyway you help me get my passport.


    Has there been any significant decrease in the level of corruption which plagued the manual system?


    Please call the following numbers during working hours: 0303978370 / 0303978372 / 0303978369 / 0303978371


    This is very true.


    Please i’m half Nigerian and half Ghanaian (mother’s side), born in Nigeria but currently residing in Ghana. Please would i be able to obtain Ghanaian passport with my Nigerian birth certificate and what other documents would be required of me? Thank you.


    You should call the following numbers to find about your eligibility status: 0303978370 / 0303978372 / 0303978369 / 0303978371
    All the best! 🙂


    have been trying to upload a photograph whiles filling the online form. anytime i click on save, it gives me connection error feedback. i have tried all the passport office official lines youve provided above but nobody seems to be answering.
    pls ur advise is needed most urgently.


    A connection error could simply mean your internet connection is bad. Try switching internet, or browsers and try again. All the best, sir.


    my internet connection works absolutely fine. i am not the only person complaining. Two other friends elsewhere are giving the same complaint.
    i thinking theres some sort of specification as to the picture that should be uploaded… if there is, pls let me know.
    it is very annoying the nobody is attending to the passport office lines provided above

    *the feedback i keep getting*
    (The Connection to ‘passport.mfa.gov.gh’ was interrupted whiles page was loading.
    …The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authentication of the received data could not be verified.
    …Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem)


    This could also be the file size. I personally used a 230 x 300 pixels image which was no larger than 500KB in size. You should try that too.
    About the numbers, you should just keep calling. It’s sad that no one seems to attend to the numbers.

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