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    i am d .danso i apply for biometric passport aout 3yrs ago with an agent..up to now i have not received my new as well as the old passport ,pls help me to retrieved it or mean to get one…but i dont no the agent…whereabout….but all the information about me remain same..i am fire officer at tema pls


    Sorry, Desmond. The good news is that you can apply for a new passport all by yourself. You just need to go buy a GHS 50 or GHS 100 forms at GCB and continue to fill the form online with all necessary details. All the best.


    Do you have to pay or buy another passport form if you are asked to reschedule for another date due to incomplete documents


    No, you don’t have to buy another form.


    pls I’m a Ghanaian, I have my birth certificate but I have misplaced my national ID, I don’t have a driver’s license either, can I apply with my birth certificate and my nation service ID since im a personnel?? thank u


    Hello Abeiku. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you can apply for a Passport Online with just your Authentic Ghanaian Birth Certificate. You however make sure the details are correct.


    Please I have applied to renew my passport online, wanted to know if the appointment date I will choose will be the day I will have my passport ready?


    Hello Mandy, your appointment date refers to the date you go to the Accra Passport Application Centre to complete your registration process. On that day, you will be given a date to come for the passport. You need to go there in person to have your biometric information taken.


    How do u edit an information on the already filled form assuming u made a mistake whiles filling the form


    From experience (and this might sound bizarre), you just need to use correction fluid to effect the changes on the printed form before you visit the Passport Application Centre. All the best.




    I can’t tell if they are contacted or not but whatever information unit provide should be accurate and genuine to the best of your knowledge otherwise you could be jailed. About the image, try and reduce the file size.


    I bought my passport forms for about a year a go, but I have not submitted them. Can I still use it? Can I also apply online with the same form? If yes, how should I go by it online. If no too what should I do. Thank you


    Hello Isaac, you can submit your Old Application form, however, you can not use that same form to apply online. If you need to apply online, you have to buy the new online application form and discard your old form. Thank You.


    What do i need to do to replace my passport that got missen four years ago?

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